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Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again where we enjoy the Christmas cheer, but also panic about what on Earth to buy our friends, family, or significant other. Personally, I always struggle to figure out what to buy for the people I love, but over the years I’ve found some safe choices that always make a wonderful gift for anyone! I hope to help you find what you need for those special people in your life, especially now with the pandemic making online shopping even more of a nightmare. The gifts I’m about to suggest are easily found in stores and even online if you’re lucky enough to get on-time delivery..

1.  Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love having their surroundings smell amazing! Scented Candles are very easy to come by and are always a good choice for a gift.  You can buy them at Walgreens, Walmart, Marshalls, etc. There’s always a variety of scents to choose from and you can pick the perfect one depending on the person you’re buying it for. Some people like the smell of nature; like pine, flowers, etc., others prefer something sweeter, like cupcakes or vanilla. It’s pretty versatile and there’s almost nothing more relaxing than lighting a candle and having some me-time.

2.  A Fluffy Blanket

You know those throw blankets we always pass in stores that feel like velvet? They are so soft, and you just want to buy them all. Plus, they sometimes have really adorable designs. This is a gift with both comfy and cute features rolled into one buy. I don’t think anyone would complain about receiving a plush blanket, because they feel AMAZING. Who wouldn’t love to end up snuggling under a fluffy blanket with their SO? Or to cuddle the blanket while watching your favorite movies in bed? I bought one for myself recently and it’s the best investment I’ve made in 2020.

3.  A Diffuser

A diffuser kind of has the function of a scented candle, but it's modern, cooler looking, and is actually long term, unlike a candle. To use this machine, you have to fill it up with water and add some drops of essential oil; the machine will then vaporize the water with the oil's scent and spread it all over the room. Since the machine is very efficient, it will end up costing you less in the long run compared to the traditional wall plug or candle; this is due to the fact that the amount of oil needed to run it costs less compared to the alternatives. I purchased mine at Marshall’s, but I’ve also seen them in Walmart. This might be the trickiest item on this list to find, but it’s definitely possible.

4.  A Nice Reusable Water Bottle

We all need to stay hydrated, but we always forget to drink water. A nice reusable water bottle is basically a necessity in our daily lives, yet a lot of people don’t own one. It’s a practical gift and stores sell so many styles and colors. It’s useful, but still has loads of charm, and it’s good for the environment. Who could say no to that?

5.  LED lights

LED lights are all the rave right now for room décor. People are putting it all around the ceiling of their rooms, their beds, mirrors, and even behind their TVs. It looks dope and can add a whole new vibe to a bedroom. Some extra illumination never hurt nobody, especially if you get the ones with all the fun colors.  I’m sure the person receiving the gift- if they're into décor or love following trends, will be excited. 

Good luck present hunting. Merry Christmas!

Daniella Angueira is currently completing a bachelor's in English and a minor in Writing and Communications. She loves baking, savory foods and is always looking to try something new. One would usually find her studying, eating, or planning her next life goals.
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