3 High-End Make Up Products, Are They Worth It?

There has always been the debate about whether or not high-end makeup is actually a better quality than drugstore makeup. While I believe that it’s really a mix of both options, I put three high-end products to the test to varying results.

1. Urban Decay Heat Palette

This palette is majestic, however its $54. The pigmentation is great on this palette, doesn’t require many applications to obtain the desired shade, and there’s barely fallout, which is mostly in the glittery shades. There is a wide range of colors and the darker tones require little use of the product to create the look. In my opinion, and because the range of colors in this palette are practically all I use, it is absolutely worth the splurge. However, The Beach Goddess Palette from Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale, has similar tones in a less varied range of course, but it's a great quality and it sells for only $10.99.

2. Becca x Chrissy Teigen Collab

The highlighters are popping with this one. This collab palette is aesthetic af, but sadly the only things I use from it are the highlighters. Neither the bronzer nor the blush are very pigmented and, no matter how much you try to build them on, they don’t show as much as you would want them to. At $46, I don’t believe this product to be worth the splurge. The Rimmel Natural Bronzer and the Illuminate By Ashley Blush (in the color Rosé) that I used before splurging on this palette were more pigmented, worked way better, and were way cheaper.

3. The Porefessional Primer by Benefit

This product is like black magic, it really works and it makes your pores disappear completely, but as much as we may like it, it sells for $31. What I did was buy the smaller version, use it on specific areas, and use another primer on the rest of my face. However, I do think that it’s totally worth the splurge, it really matches your skin and covers every imperfection. A product of similar quality that works pretty well is the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser, it is a clear gel that minimizes the appearance of pores and it sells for only $6.99.