2019 Spring Fashion Trends

Before summer starts here are some spring fashion trends you need to know about.

  1. Hawaiian shirts: Lately, this has been a trend among guys but it can also be worn by girls.These type of shirts can be worn with shorts, long jeans for a casual day out or a night hangout.

  2. Fishnets: Good old fishnets never go out of style and recently they have been on trend especially colored fishenets. They can be worn with skirts, dresses, shorts, under ripped jeans, under shirts and so on. Imagen relacionada

  3. Tye dye clothing: Tye dye shirts are back in style once again, they can be in form of dresses and shirts. They are not only in style for girls but also for guys. This style is more for a casual and lay back style. It can be worn with any accessory you prefer.

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4. Yellow clothing: The color yellow in clothing especially the mustard yellow has lately.been on trend a lot. This vibrant color can be styled in many ways. It all depends on the piece of clothing. It's the perfect color to use on spring and summer. It can make your outfits pop. Denim Overall Button-Front Mini Dress

5. Animal print: Animal print, especially leopard print has come back in style. A lot of dresses, shirts and even shoes have this print. It has become a trend that has come to stay. Imagen relacionada


6. Bomber jackets: Among guys a girls these types of jackets has become very common. You can wear them on your everyday use to college or going out with friends on a casual hang out. They are comfortable and a very nice piece to have in your wardrobe.

7.Cropped baggy jeans: These type of pants have become pretty popular these past few months. You can easily style them with boots, heels, tennis or or sandals, whatever you prefer. It can also be worn with any casual shirt.

8. Wide leg pants: Wide leg pants have come back in style and they are here to stay. They're really comfortable to use. they can be styled with boots or any tennie shoes of your preference. You can use them normal or ripped. They are for sure a stable piece you should have on your wardrobe. You can wear any type of shirt, it can be stripped, cropped or regular shirt. 

My Favorite Spring Fashion Essentials 2019My Favorite Spring Fashion Essentials 2019  

These fashion pieces that are popular now, if you haven't hopped on the trend I recommend you to do so. It's good to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Maybe this way you can find your next favorite staple piece to add to your wardrobe. These pieces can fit any body type and any genre. Just always remember to be confident in what you wear and just rock it.