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20 Times La Gata de Biol Was the Best Account on Twitter

Thumbnail image via Twitter user @gladys_zoee

1. When she let us know from the start to watch her attitude

2. When she bravely addressed her weight issues

3. When she gave us a look into her favorite PPJ's

4. When she gave us this hot take on body hair

5. Honestly, we just want to reach her levels of authentic realness





10. When she addressed this take on her love life

11. Same, Gata de Biol, Same

12. Gata de Biol hungover = us hungover

13. When she dragged Pepito de los Chistes and reminded him EXACTLY which is the best building on campus

14. When the President of the CGE, Naysha Alcalá, asked her this important question...

...and the CGE imediately complied with her demands.

15. When she let us know EXACTLY who's the boss of her own life.

16. When she shared this hot take on the impending UPR budget cuts

17. Every single time she didn't have time to entertain anyone's compliments

18. When she admitted she needs some help sometimes, and that all she wants is some peace and quiet

19. When she blessed us with this brilliant takedown 

20. And when she addressed this important issue

Claudia is a witchy English Literature and International Affairs major from La Parguera. She's worked in various on-campus projects, such as the MayaWest Writing Project and as a tutor at the English Writing Center. In addition, she's worked at Univision and has also been published in El Nuevo Día and El Post Antillano. When she doesn't have her nose in a book, you can find Claudia tweeting something snarky and pushing boundaries as a Beyoncé expert. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram, @clauuia.
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