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18 Puerto Rican Startups and Companies That Are Seeking Interns

Idea Platform, a UPRM student organization known for being Puerto Rico’s first student-based startup accelerator, hosted an event called Elicit Innovation 2 on Saturday September 3rd.  Elicit Innovation was a full-day conference which took place across campus, and consisted of inspirational talks from Puerto Rico’s top entrepreneurs, hands-on workshops in fields like drone assembly, and a Job Fair in the afternoon with eighteen creative Puerto Rican startups.  This Startup Job Fair was the first of its kind, and was empowered by Idea Platform in an attempt for “more startups to recruit and connect with students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.”

These startups that attended currently seek (paid!) interns of different majors and interests like you!

Here is a list of the startups that visited, their visions, and whom they are seeking:

18. Spotery

Spotery is an application that seeks to eliminate the hassle of renting spaces to users by providing that service for them, while also “booking underused facilities.”  The founders of this startup have allied with mayors of cities like Caguas because this app’s purpose, according to Caguas mayor William Miranda Torres, is “for the community to have more access to available spaces within the city of Caguas.”  

Spotery is seeking students interested in software and business.


17. Helei

Have you found some time on your hands and haven’t the slightest clue what to do with it?  Helei is an app created by UPRM engineering students that promotes events and activities that are happening around you, like Happy Hours, local bands playing live, fundraisers, and meetings so you find out about them!

The Helei team is looking for software, marketing and business majors to expand their reach to more people.

16. Sunne Heater

UPRM Mechanical Engineering professor Sheilla Torres and her associate, José Lebrón, noticed two trending topics that frequent local newspaper headlines: “Puerto Rico’s astounding economic crisis, and its sky-high (and rising) cost for electricity.”  In an effort to combat Puerto Rico’s crisis while integrating renewable energy, they invented the eco-friendly, compact, and efficient Sunne Heater. This startup is crafting solutions right here in Mayagüez at a station where PRTEC is based.  

If you’re interested in boosting this clean energy startup, they’re looking for students interested in software, business, marketing, and design.

15. E-Farm

Fifteen-year-old entrepreneur José Nolla-Marrero entered the business world because he noticed an issue both Puerto Ricans and its farmers faced: lack of accessibility to sustainable, agro-ecological and organic products.  After being empowered by startup accelerator Parallel18, Nolla’s startup, E-Farm, has gained a following and is in the cusp of launching its website, which seeks to connect farmers and consumers by enabling local farmers “to sell otherwise unsold products, thus, reduce waste, produce more, expand their businesses, and sell in markets where these products are highly sought and valued.”

E-Farm is searching for programmers, bloggers, social media managers, visual content creators for media outlets, video editors, cinematographers, photographers, grant writers, finance and accounting students, among students from other majors to join their team.  


BUREA, an acronym for “BUsca, REdime y Ahorra”, which translates to “Seek, Redeem and Save,” is an application that is here for us to leave a smaller dent in our pockets when we go shopping for groceries, colegiales.  The way BUREA works is simple: you take a picture of your receipt after your purchase, upload it to BUREA, and redeem money upon validation that can be transferred straight to your debit/credit card.

BUREA is looking for students interested in working as copywriters, programmers, software developers, and accountants.  

13. Touralo

Have you ever been intrigued by virtual reality so much you would want to work with it?  Touralo, a new startup, is revolutionizing the Real Estate industry by using virtual reality to create virtual tours of houses and buildings for potential customers without visiting them.

If you’re interested in forming a part of their team, they’re looking for software developers and students with experience in accounting.


Olita is a beach clothing brand based in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, that dedicates 10% of any purchase to creating a positive social impact, whether it is toward education, the environment, health or solidarity. Its philosophy lies in empowering communities by providing it with the necessary tools it needs until it can run smoothly by itself.

Olita is searching for people who “are willing to support it and help it run better.”  

11. Drone Designer App

The Drone Designer App is equipped with software that will help you “design, make, and fly a drone tailored to your specific needs”, as their Facebook page states.  It’s still in its developmental stages, and is aiming to create designs that will be kid-friendly, as a huge chunk of its potential fan-base could be children.  

The Drone Designer app team seeks programmers, among other specialties.

10. INprende

INprende, the self-described “creative” sector of GFR Media, centers its goals in the massive promotion of entrepreneurship, and making it more accessible to communities and the youngest generations.  INprende works on fulfilling these goals by running college and high school tours around the island and providing workshops so students can have a better understanding of what entrepreneurship entails and how it can enrich their lives.

INprende is looking to hire part-time or full-time interns who are skilled in graphic design or sales, mostly, but are also accepting résumés of anyone who is interested in applying!

9. Lunchera

Lunchera is a Ponce-based startup that works as a food delivery service which brings you food to whichever pinned location you provide them, from any restaurant from the town or city where it is available.  Sadly, it is only working in Ponce so far, but they are eager about expanding to other cities, like, perhaps Mayagüez!  

Lunchera is in need of people interested in technology who have programming knowledge and wish to contribute to Lunchera as interns.  

8. GFR Media

GFR Media is Puerto Rico’s leader in content media!  Their network includes El Nuevo Día, Primera Hora, Sal!, shop.pr and several other of the island’s top content creators.  GFR Media is supplying countless opportunities for innovative students who are interested in programming, software development, among other creative ventures.

7. ALEX (Anyone’s Learning Experience)

ALEX, which stands for Anyone’s Learning Experience, is a startup that could be thought of as the Airbnb for filling up classrooms instead of beds.  ALEX works by enabling colleges and universities with empty seats in certain courses available through ALEX’s website, so people who are interested in advancing their careers can expand their opportunities by taking these courses, and universities can benefit from what could be lost tuition revenue.  Not only is it a mutually beneficial exchange, but it makes obtaining an education more accessible for many people.  A few of their featured courses in their website are Introduction to Marketing, Financial Planning and Principles, and Introduction to Psychology.

ALEX is searching for developers, growth hackers, campus ambassadors and students interested in technology who can help them.  

6. Fosis

Fosis defines itself as a research-driven Strategy and Design agency that envisions innovative design to create and restore brands or companies.”  It is specifically interested in recruiting students interested in sales, marketing and design.  

5. FWRD Force

FWRD Force is a global consulting firm that specializes in matching your 21st-century skill sets with jobs in current and emerging industries.  No matter what your major is, if you send a résumé their way, they will find a way to integrate the skills you have onto what could be your next job opportunity!
4. Feedyak

Feedyak is a San Juan-based startup that is looking to alter the way in which feedback is given and returned between customers and businesses through videos of thoughtful feedback.  An important distinction within their feedback model is that through video, they “eliminate the ability for a person to write multiple reviews as if they were different people,” while personalizing the process, as Rick Watkins, co-founder and CTO of Feedyak, states in the app’s website.  

Click on their website to find job opportunities.

3. Inbify

Inbify is a mobile application startup whose premise is to help businesses receive and manage their customer service responses directly and privately through SMS (text messaging), e-mail, and online messenger on a single dashboard.  Its innovative approach to customer service enables the business that  works with this app to minimize paper waste, reply to their customers about their concerns instantly, and understand what consumers want out of their service better.  

Inbify is searching for students who are interested in working in technology, but message their founders for more information here.   


While the Puerto Rico Techno-Economic Corridor (PRTEC), is not a startup per se, it is a startup incubator based in Mayagüez which, for fifteen years, has helped develop dozens of startups.  It is worth mentioning that they have separated a space called the UPRM Startup Lab, for UPRM innovators who wish to start and develop their own startups.  They have assisted local startups like Helei and Sunnetech Lab to grow and develop, and seek to supply students and adults with opportunities to strengthen their entrepreneurial ventures.

1. Fidelis Engineering, Inc.

Fidelis Engineering, Inc. is a newly established research and development engineering company in Utuado that produces smart systems relating to artificial intelligence, software engineering, and modem simulation.

Fidelis Engineering, Inc. is in need of software engineers and computer scientists to expand its activities in Puerto Rico with the US Navy.

(Photo found: goo.gl/UQN8R5)

Be sure to contact these startups about their internship opportunities.  Amidst this financial crisis, Puerto Ricans are relentlessly combating the odds with innovation.  So go ahead, if you’re intrigued, apply to collaborate with these startups while gaining some experience in your field and, if you’re still here, apoya lo local

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