13 Scary Movies on Netflix to Get You Ready for Halloween

October has creeped in and Halloween is coming up fast. So, what better way to get into the spirit than having a horror movie marathon. Here are 13 *wink wink* films to get you in the spooky mood and here's a bonus: all of these movies are on Netflix!


1. The Sixth Sense

Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment star in a thriller about a child psychologist (Willis) and a young boy with the ability to see ghosts (Osment). This suspenseful classic will definitely get you in a spooky mood and keep you on the edge of your seat.


2. The Conjuring

Based on true events, a family of three begins experiencing supernatural phenomena in their home. The Nun, recently released, is a prequel to this one and is meant to explain A LOT of what happens in The Conjuring’s universe.


3. Veronica

Often rumored to be the scariest movie on Netflix to date, Veronica follows the life of a teenage girl who attempts to summon her father’s ghost on the day of an eclipse. P.S. It’s based on a true story which makes it 1000 times scarier.


4. Hush

A deaf writer, isolated in the woods, must face a masked murderer she sees through her window. Definitely don't watch this one while you're home alone!


5. The Babadook

A widowed mother, troubled by her husband’s untimely death, struggles with her neglected son and his “irrational” fears until she sees them come to life.


6. Children of the Corn

Burt and Vicky get trapped in a midwestern town where a cult of children believe that all adults must die. A true horror classic, Children of the Corn uses older scare tactics to build up the suspense and make you avoid anything related to corn fields and kids at all costs.


7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

If you like origin stories, Michael Bay, and chainsaws, then this is the movie for you. Chaos ensues when four friends on a road trip, attacked by a biker a gang, are taken to young Leatherface’s estate.


8. Cabin Fever

While staying at a cabin in the woods, five friends are infected by a flesh eating virus. If you like Matthew Daddario, cheesy romance, and horribly good plots then you'll love this!


9. Would You Rather

An extreme game of would you rather goes wrong when a group of desperately poor people get trapped in a mansion with a sadistic host to play for money.


10. As Above So Below

A group of friends visit The Catacombs in Paris, France. Haunted by their guilty pasts, they try to escape the haunted ruins.


11. The Lodgers

Cursed twins, being punished for their ancestors sins, must obey the rules imposed on them through a childhood lullaby lest they awaken the evil that lies within the house.


12. The Ritual

In what was originally a reunion after the tragic death of one of their friends, four of them go on a hike through a Scandinavian forest but little do they know a hidden evil lies in wait.


13. The Shining

A horror movie classic, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is perfect for anyone who likes suspense and thrillers rather than the usual jump-scare type movies.It follows a family who is “house-sitting” a hotel for the winter. When things start going awry, they have to find a way out or be killed.


These movies are perfect for a horror movie marathon. Get a few friends together or don’t if you’re feeling brave, and get ready for a night of spooks to get you in the mood for Halloween.