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11 Reasons Why Pushing Daisies Needs a Reboot

Pushing Daisies is a light-hearted comedy series about love, the undead, magic, crime, and pie. The series was first released in 2007 but was canceled after just two seasons in 2009. It starred Lee Pace as Ned “The Piemaker,” and Anna Friel who played Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, as  childhood crushes who find each other later in life when “Chuck” unexpectedly dies. Through episodes of crime solving, pie eating, and touches that bring people back to life, Ned and “Chuck” give us a fairytale romance that can only be found in movies, particularly since they can’t physically touch. It goes without saying that this series was ahead of its time and needs a much deserved, reboot, and here’s why. Listen up, Netflix *wink wink*:

1. The Atmosphere and Scenery

This series mesmerizes you with its bright and distinct colors that seem to pull you into another universe all together.


2. The feel-good, adorableness of the romance between Ned and “Chuck”

After Ned bring Charlotte back to life, he is unable to physically touch her. If he does, she will die (again) and he wont be able to bring her back. “First touch: life. Second touch: dead, again, forever”.


3. The creative and almost cute crimes the characters have to solve

Like the time they got stuck in a car that was powered by dandelions where a car crash dummy was trying to kill them. Props to creator Bryan Fuller for coming up with such amazing storylines.


4. The Pies

Honestly, this show will make you want to eat every pie in existence.


5. Emerson Cod’s amazing use of sarcasm

Emerson is the voice of reason on the show, as well as Ned’s partner in detective work.


6. The fact that Olive Snook went to a nunnery to get over her crush on The Piemaker

Olive has been in love with The Piemaker since she started working at The Pie Hole as a waitress. She yearns for him and her whole world is shook once “Chuck” steals him away in barely a second.


7. Ned

Lee Pace is dreamy as is, but as a loving and sweet pie maker, he is simply irresistible.


8. Olive’s random outbursts of song

“But now, there’s nowhere to hide, since you pushed my love aside. Hopelessly devoted to you”


9. All the strange contraptions Ned made in order to be close to “Chuck”

The entire show is basically relationship goals.


10. Emerson’s deep analysis of the crime

They were pretty accurate once you realize what actually happened.


11. “Chuck’s” love for bees

After her pet bees died, Ned agreed to bring them all back to life for her.

Pushing Daisies is a truly original show and was canceled prematurely because it was released too early. Had this show been released now, the views would be through the roof considering the zombie and living dead craze (Walking Dead, IZombie, Supernatural, etc.) All in all, this show deserves a good remake/reboot with the original cast, and I’m sure anyone who watches its, sadly, short two seasons, won’t regret it.

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