11 Puerto Rican Online Thrift Shops You’ll Love

Do you want to shop local, save on clothes, and help the planet all at once? Online thrift shops have just the thing for you. 


Thrifting is the art of shopping for clothes, shoes, and even accessories at stores that sell second-hand products. This means somebody else used to own these clothes, and now they’re being sold forward. By extending the life cycle of these pieces, you’re helping out the planet by reducing waste in landfills, as well as slowing down production on big fast-fashion chains like Forever 21, Zara, Nike, and many more. Not only that, but this clothing is hugely discounted, which is great for us college students. 


With the pandemic going on, traditional brick-and-mortar second-hand shops aren’t as accessible as they used to be. Although you can definitely still visit some of these shops with the appropriate safety measures, some of us prefer taking the online route. Thankfully, online thrift shops have been popping up all across the island, so you can shop for pieces that are looking for a second home. Some of these stores also accept drop-offs, so you can do your part to help reduce waste by trading or selling clothing you don’t use anymore. 


Check out these 11 IG-based second-hand shops that are trying to make the world a little more sustainable:


  1. Eter Second Hand Shop: Offering both men and women’s clothing, Eter is a community-focused project from a UPRM student that also commits to organizing monthly donation activities for those in need. While they’re not currently accepting clothes for the shop, they usually purchase items from clients and accept drop-offs anywhere along the route from Caguas to Mayagüez. 


  1. Tropithrift: In response to the lack of options for plus-sized people in second-hand shops, Tropithrift specifically targets plus-size clothing from XL to 5X in a mission to alleviate the struggle of finding vintage pieces in these sizes. They’re not currently accepting drop-offs, but might do so later on!


  1. Thrift Earthy: Thrift Earthy sells clothing (which ranges from XXS to plus sizes) and accessories. Located in San Germán, they accept drop-offs around the area or mailed-in donations in exchange for store credit.  Soon, you’ll also be able to visit their store in person.


  1. Conscient Thrift Shop: Focusing on affordability, this shop provides hand-picked clothing and accessories for all. If you’re looking for somewhere to sell your clothes, they offer a percentage of the sale for items sold within a month. If they aren’t sold, they are then donated (so it’s a win-win!). 


  1. Jackie Mendez Thrift Shop: Specifically targeting young women who are searching for a unique look, this shop sells fashionable vintage, second-hand, and new clothing at affordable prices. Located on the West side of the island, they deliver orders around the area and ship to everywhere else.


  1. LocaLocal Thrift Store: On a mission to show that second-hand is the best way to go for your shopping needs, this eco-friendly store has fashionable and quality clothing, accessories, and shoes.  They accept drop-offs in Caguas and San Juan, after which they decide whether the items should be sold, donated, or recycled (win-win-win!).


  1.  Segun Damanito: Whether your style comes from the ‘60s, ‘90s, ‘00s, or now, you’re bound to find something in this vintage shop; they offer a wide variety of clothing, accessories, and shoes. They’re not currently accepting drop-offs due to COVID-19, but may do so later on. 


  1.  Armario 317: With beautiful clothing pieces at affordable prices, this shop wants you to know that trendy clothes don't have to come from fast-fashion shops.  They’re accepting drop-offs by mail (they cover the shipping costs), so you can send in your clothing from anywhere on the island!


  1.  Desculeo Thrift: Focusing on self-expression and creativity with a side of punk, this shop offers second-hand clothing for anyone who will rock it. They accept drop-offs mostly in Rio Piedras, but could coordinate meetings in nearby areas for a chance to sell your clothing at their shop. 


  1.  Not Your Wardrobe: If you’re looking for modern, trendy clothes you can actually afford, this shop has it all. While currently only accepting very limited drop-offs, they’re hoping to expand their system so more people can form part of their second-hand community. 


  1. Thrifty Souls Curated Shop: This socially-conscious brand offers hand-picked, fashionable clothing and home goods. They accept drop-offs in Caguas and Humacao, or through the mail, in exchange for discounts on future purchases. As of November, they also donate a percentage of their sales to non-profit organizations!


If the promise of a healthier planet isn’t convincing enough, the variety of styles, range of brands, and affordable prices are sure to win you over! No matter what your style is, you’re bound to find something you’ll love in these stores, so step into the world of thrifting and shop your heart out.