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Siberian Huskies are thick-coated, medium-sized sled dogs. Their eye color, facial markings, and wolf-like appearance distinguish them from other breeds;they are loyal, mischievous, and outgoing. I have been a husky lover and owner since I was in elementary school. I have had two huskies with different personalities and breeds! Although I love my dogs dearly, there are things I hate about them. So I decided to make a list of 10 things I hate but love about Huskies. I think a husky owner can agree with me on this: 

  1. They have lots and lots of hair! Huskies are winter dogs, and they have two layers of fur for cold climates. For this reason, huskies shouldn’t be outside if you live in a warm environment. When the season comes for shedding their fur, you can only imagine all the hair they release! Still, their fur makes them so fluffy and cuddly. Truth be told, I don’t mind vacuuming almost every day just to see and touch their amazing fur!

  2. They don’t let you sleep! Siberian huskies are playful and have lots and lots of energy. They can’t resist chasing small animals, so it is necessary to have a place where they can run. And boy, do they run!

  3. They whine a lot! Believe it or not, but this breed can talk, and most of the time it is to throw tantrums. Huskies love to voice their complaints about not having enough playtime or attention from us. When my family leaves the house for a few hours, the first thing my dog greets us with is his whining for leaving him alone. Sometimes it cannot be delightful, but it lets us know that he is a member of the family and has all the right to voice his opinions. Plus, he doesn’t bark; he howls, which is way more pleasant for our ears. 

  4. They are too intelligent for their own good! Houdini would be ashamed to know that huskies can rival his escape skills. These dogs are a smart breed, and they use that to their advantage. They pretend to be dumb sometimes, but when the opportunity arises to escape, they take it. Huskies are free-spirited, and they love exploring the world, so they try to escape all the time. For this reason, all the doors in my house have to be closed to prevent such incidents. I still find this instinct good because it reminds us that dogs have their own desires and wills. 

  5. They are too strong! They are initially sledding dogs and can pull a sled around 300 to 400 lbs while running. So if you go for a walk and the husky starts chasing something, you better hope you have a firm grip, or else you will be taken for a ride. 

  6. They are trouble makers! I once read that a “bored husky is a dangerous dog,” and I can’t agree more with this statement. If they don’t get enough physical activity, they begin to do naughty things like chewing on your shoes, playing with toilet paper, tearing towels, and much more. 

  7. They never stay clean! When they are alone in the yard, they make a party of digging holes, eating grass, chasing lizards, and watching neighbors walk by. By the time they had their fun, the once white fur had browned, and his perfectly manicured nails were ruined. Sometimes I think my dog purposely gets dirty after coming back from the groomers. 

  8. They aren’t guard dogs! Even if they look like wolves, they do not have any drop ferocity left from their ancestors. Looks can be deceiving, which applies to huskies: they are friendly to anyone, especially strangers! My dog loves to jump on them to lick their faces. Every time I walk him out, I have to protect others from his slimy tongue. 

  9. They are experts at manipulating! Never trust a husky’s eyes, even if they are the most beautiful gems you have ever seen. They know they have unique eyes, and they use them to make you play with them or give them treats when they don’t deserve them. Huskies with rare eye colors can be cool, but what I love most about their eyes is when they spark with happiness, especially when you get them new toys. Beware of their enchantment before your wallet runs out of money!

  10. They are HUSKIES! Simple as that. They are lovable, playful and can brighten your day! 

While Huskies aren’t the perfect breed for everyone, they are still loved by their unique looks. If you ever want to get a husky, make sure to research their needs first and consider where you live. Huskies aren’t suited for busy families since they require a lot of attention and love. They are lovable companions that will make every day a happy day.

Melarie is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree at Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. You can find her hiking the Yunque Rainforest, growing flowers in her backyard, volunteering with environmental organizations, or lost in the pages of a good book. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and is working as a Coastal Captain of Microplastics for Scuba Dogs Society.
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