10 Things To Do Instead of Texting Them

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a long or short term relationship, a friendship, or even just a really strong crush, letting go can seem like the most impossible thing in the world.

So, here’s a friendly list of 10 things you should try before typing that cursed, “Hey. What’s up?”

Animal gifs are included because, if you’re reading this, you probably need them.

  1. Netflix and chill- I do mean just chilling. Taking time to watch a show or a movie and just relax can be great for you. Pick something you like, sit back, and enjoy.

2. Make your favorite food- Comfort food is just that, comforting. Make it-or buy it-and enjoy! (Snacks work too-treat yo self)

3. Play with your pet(s)- It’s ok to be sad, but your pups can help! Playing and cuddling with them and enjoying their never ending love can boost both your spirits. If you don’t have pets, visit your local shelter!

4. Hang out with friends- Call up your friends and tell them to come over.  Some fun and laughter can help get your mind off of sending a DM, and can help strengthen your friendships!

5. Go shopping- Only if it’s in your budget! If money is tight, window shopping is also a good way to distract yourself. (Tip: even grocery shopping can be fun if you do it right)

6. Talk to your family- Call your grandma. Visit your mom. Message your cousins on Facebook. Reignite that old family group chat. Reconnecting and communicating with your loved ones can give you emotional stability during trying times.

7. Read your favorite book- Pick up that one book from middle school you loved, or even look up fanfiction and stories online. Immersing yourself in a story helps to distract you and keep you calm- and away from your phone.

8. Clean your room- This one may seem tedious, but the feeling of satisfaction once your place is spotless can put anyone’s mind at ease. Try cleaning one room, or even piece, at a time.

9. Workout- Working out can also seem tedious, but it can energize you and help clear your mind. Try going out for a walk, jog, or some time at the gym.

10. Meditate and reflect- Once you’ve tried everything else on this list, sit down and think. Hopefully, at least one of the 10 items worked, but if it didn’t, try and figure out why you want to message them. Take care of yourself and always remember your worth; and remember this list will be here if you need it again. Best of luck.