Yearly Reminder: Keep Your Pets Safe During New Year's Eve!


If you’re a pet owner like me, you understand how New Year’s Eve can be a fun celebration but it can also be a very stressful yearly event. As we all know, this time of the year can be very overwhelming for pets because of the fireworks and the noises. This can explain why hundreds of pets every year go missing; running away from their homes disoriented and confused, looking for shelter and actually ending up lost and scared. And in worse cases, some even end up dying from heart attacks! And that’s why here is your yearly reminder to remember your pets during this celebration and to try keeping them as safe as possible, along with a few tips:

1. Let them hide inside:

If you’re scared that your dog—or cat—might run away because of the fireworks, make sure to bring them inside your house (or if they’re already inside your house) and put them in a bedroom where they can find a place to hide (under a bed for example) before the madness begins.

2. Food and water:

Never forget to put some food and water wherever your pet decides to spend the night. Also, even if they might be busy cowering in a corner or barking at the fireworks, make sure to have them go to the bathroom in order to avoid cleaning a little accident during the first few minutes of 2019!

3. Distract them:

If you’re keeping them inside, make sure to entertain them and have them get rid of pent up  energy. Give them something to chew on or play with, that will definitely keep them busy. You could also give them a walk during the day, exercising them and letting them burn some energy along the way, something that could help them get a little more relaxed during the night.

4. No-fireworks-zone:

If you’re holding a party at your house, please remember your pets and keep it a no-fireworks-zone or, at least, make it a low-fireworks-zone (don’t use up every single one!). I’m sure that your pets will thank you and they’ll have enough with those of your not-so-thoughtful neighbors—like in my case.

These are just a few reminders for you guys to take care of your fur-babies during this stressful time.Pets are family too! You wouldn’t set off fireworks if a member would be needlessly stressed. I hope you all get to enjoy what’s left of the holidays and that your pets stay safe! Happy New Year!

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