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Why You Should #BringYourOwnCup

Whether you are going for your morning coffee or going for drinks, bringing your own cup is always an excellent idea. Now, here’s why


1. Be eco-friendly

Solid waste production is one of the main environmental problems that we, humans, cause.  In order to reduce the amount of waste we produce, reusing common articles such as a cup is a great way to do so.  By bringing your own cup when buying any beverage, you are reducing the amount of plastic and foam waste we produce.  If you’re wondering where you could find a cup that is an investment worth making, Yeti, for example, provides a variety of products that are convenient, colorful, and customizable, so you can easily find something within your taste.


2. Save Money

When ordering any drink at a café or bar, most establishments will reduce the cost of your order if you are using your own cup instead using one of their plastics ones.  Although at the moment this may not seem to make much a difference, long term you can save a significant amount of cash.


3.  Aesthetic

Besides the more moral based reasons, “bringing your own cup” has also become a sort of trend.  Arriving anywhere with your own personalized cute cup will definitely contribute to your aesthetic. Overall, your cup could ultimately become an accessory.


If these reasons don’t convince you yet, I don’t know what will! However, we really need to save the planet, so please bring your own cup!

Currently studying Linguistics, Human Communication and Human Rights at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. Class of 2021. Aspiring lawyer.
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