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Why People Should Adopt More Black Cats

Black cats have been around just as long as the rest of our soft and furry feline friends, but when it comes to adoption, they can be easily disregarded.

Throughout the years, black cats were considered to be unlucky and malicious and were even linked to wicked views enforced by certain religions. “Black cats are devil cats,” some people would have said in the past. Nowadays, black cats are making an extraordinary comeback into modern day society. With movies and series like Sabrina The Teenage Witch, black cats have become more popular in recent years, due to their charismatic representation in the entertainment industry.

People who identify with alternative styles find themselves attracted to these dark feline friends very often, but that doesn’t mean that they are the only ones capable of finding these animals cute or appealing.

The stigma around black cats should stop. They are not unlucky, or a representation of evil. These are but stereotypical symbols given to them over the years thanks to the media and culture. Their dark hair and bright eyes have granted them many years in people’s fears and media’s consumption of them for commercial uses. In reality, black cats are the same as any other cat. They shouldn’t be important only when Halloween pops around the corner. These animals deserve love and acceptance just like any other living creature, so whenever you feel like adopting a cat, take these two things into consideration: adopt a stray or from a pound, and give black cats a chance. They aren’t just holiday propaganda: they could be your best friend!

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