What's it Like Hanging Out "el Primer Jueves de Río"

Disclaimer: The article you're about to read is an opinion. it is a fun generalization made by the author.


With another Jueves de Rio looming, here's my experience with going out to the first Jueves de Rio.

I think we all remember our freshman year. Times were different. Your most difficult task was to actually know where your classes were because you were a cute little stray kitten on your first day. Ah, to feel young and not know what drinking 40oz of coffee was like! But, let’s cut to the chase. This is not why you’re here. You knew there was more than just your general classes and meeting new people. You’re here because you were part of the nightlife, and that’s okay. Maybe you’re not part of Los Ejecutivos del Jangueo, but you surely were one of the Tarde Pero Fichu.

So, when you were a freshman, how was it like? Many people recall their prepa year as this:

Scenario A:

You live on campus. You gather around with your roomie and your newly found friends in your room. It’s 7 pm, and none of you have taken a bath at this point. You are all either pre-gaming, choosing what to wear, or both at the same time.

You start to get ready.

It’s your first time going out by yourself, so you decide to wear a tight skirt and do your hair and makeup. Heavily. By the time all of you are ready, it’s almost 11 pm. You go to el 8 de Blanco and then to el Vidy’s. Somehow you end up at La Beckett around 12 am. Your makeup is all messy because you forgot you’re in Rio Piedras and not Brava.

Scenario B:

You have very overprotective parents. You’re already there by 7 pm. If you started college before 2013, you bought Smirnoff’s at La Pega China. Then, you’d go to Vidy’s and get shots for a dollar. Your attire is very similar to the girls that live on campus because, like them, you’re a rookie, and you don’t know how it is in Rio. Your overprotective parents pick you up at 10:30 pm, oh, and you’re grounded. You forgot how to hydrate.


Sophomore and Junior Year:

These are the simple years. You don’t put as much effort as your freshman year, but you still try to look hot enough to get someone to pay for your drink (guilty as charged!). Your hangout involves starting en el Refu, and then, it all comes down to where the night takes you. You could end up dancing en el Bori or get yourself to La Greca and dance reggaeton. The fun part of this night is when all of your friends are acting like wingman/wingwoman to help you score.

Senior Year and Beyond:

Oh, it’s the first hangout? You either tell yourself you’re getting too old for this, or convince yourself that this is a great opportunity to seduce the cute little prepa you take a class with. Don’t lie to yourself. It happens. But, you’re not going to do all the effort you used to do when you were younger. Your outfit of choice? A bralette, shorts, and vans. Sometimes to do an extra effort and wear a romper to look like you actually tried. Cute sandals are part of your outfit [while makeup consists of wearing lip balm because your skin needs to breathe]. If you don’t want a date, that’s cool too.

In my experience, I have ended up drinking canecas at el Refu and ended up singing Rakim & Ken-Y at La Beckett. Then the rest of the night… left to the wondering eyes of the walls that have seen me at my worst. Rio Piedras.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how much you’ve experienced. It’s great to acknowledge that these streets have seen your formation. Always remember, fellow rookies, to eat before you go out, stay hydrated and please, don’t drink and drive.

You might change your clothes and change your drink of choice, but don’t change your awesome self. Have fun on Thursdays, Gallitos y Jerezanas!