What Series to Watch Depending on Your Mood

Sometimes. we don't know what show to watch, so we just scroll endlessly until we find some weird cult title. However, this guide will help you decide watch to watch depending on your mood. Happy watching!


If you’re in a mood for comedy:

Here you'll find plenty of laughs.

The Office

WATCH IT. It's a really dumb comedy show but you’ll get hooked real fast. Michael’s inability to works as an adult, Jim and Pam’s pranks, and Dwight just being Dwight will make you cry from laughter.


Schitt’s Creek

Basically, the show is about the very rich Rose family (Moira, the mom; John, the dad; and their--adult!--children David and Alexis). They lose their fortune and now have to live in a small town without their expensive and lavish lifestyle. The show is extremely funny since we see how they live their now “miserable” life, and how they get adapted to the town people and their pretty annoying neighbor, and town mayor, Roland. BONUS: The show has an openly pansexual character.


If you’re in a mood for horror:

Grab your SO, stuffed animal, or nearest blanket.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story will get you really frighten you to death if you’re easily scared, and even if you’re not a scaredy-pants, the show will unsettle you one way or the other.  The show’s style is really cool: the same actors cycle through the new seasons. Since each season has a different “theme”, the actors are given new characters. It has really creative storylines and the acting is top notch.


Penny Dreadful

Five minutes into the first episode and you're already going to be scared.


If you’re in a mood for thrillers:

You might not be scared, but your heartbeat will reach new heights.


This TV series is more of a psychological thriller than just a plain thriller. The series is about Dexter, a vigilante serial killer that no one suspects since he works as a blood-splatter analyst for one of Florida’s county police departments. How much more do you need to know to watch it?


Bates Motel

If you’re in the mood for a dark TV series and some suspense this is the series for you. It will leave you with some stressful cliffhangers. The crazy mother-son duo will be eerie but it’s all worth it. Last but not least, Freddie Highmore’s acting is nothing short of spine-chilling (and amazing!).


If you’re in a mood for cartoons:

Adult cartoons bound to make you laugh or cry.

Family Guy

There’s no doubt about Stewie being the best character in the show. There will be a lot of funny jokes but that are also jokes that are critical of society. The episodes are so different from each other that you will never know what’s up next. And for the Star Wars fans, it has Star Wars specials.


American Dad

It may be very similar to Family Guy but it’s still a great funny show. Roger with his different costumes and pettiness is what makes the show hilarious. It’s worth the watch.


If you’re in a mood for drama:

Binge-watch here I come.

Jane The Virgin

This is the best telenovela you'll ever see. It combines elements of a typical latina telenovela with the characteristics of an American drama. The show has its funny moments but the drama never stops. Jane is a pretty relatable character. The love triangle will play with your emotions. The omnipresent narrator won't ever be annoying because of the funny comments. And it has strong and independent Latina women. The series will also play with your feelings so prepare the tissues.



The female characters of this show are strong, clever, and cunning characters.  The protagonist is especially devious. The show is about Amanda Clarke wanting revenge for the death of her father and for the false accusations of her father being a terrorist.The plot will leave you with your mouth open. In the series. You will fall in love with the hacker, Nolan Ross, not because he's cute--because he's not--but because of his personality and his ability of hacking. It's a superb soap opera that it's worth binge watching.


If you’re in a mood for Sci-Fi:

You're going to be spooked.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a criticism of technology in society and in daily life. It will show the dark side of technology and how it can affect us. The topics in each episode are always going to be technology related but they will portray it in a very different way. It will leave your mind blown with all the plots and storyline in each episode.


Stranger Things

Let's start with the series taking place in the 1980's. Who doesn't like the vintage style?

It is incredibly suspenseful. The female characters are just amazing and hard-core. The kid cast is adorable and their acting is rad. It also has Winona Ryder in the cast. We have to admit that we missed her. It's simple as You WILL be hooked.


If you’re in a mood for action or adventure shows:

These plots will hook you.


You will immediately fall in love with Jerome, The Penguin, and The Riddler. It shows the backstory of the Gotham villains. The acting is on point. The side effects won't get you disappointed. The relationship between Alfred and Bruce is super lovely. Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Money and she does a hell of a job.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf. Neil Patrick Harris sings the theme song and lets just say it's great. The disguises of Count Olaf will always surprise you. Mr. Poe cluelessness will make you feel smart. At times it will make you laugh. It stays true to the books.


If you're in a mood for  mysteries:

Who dunnit?

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher is a very badass female character. She's a detective in the 1920’s in which women didn't have a lot of place in society. She's very liberal and a feminist. The show per se is incredibly feminist.The sets and costumes of the show are gorgeous.



It's based on the classic Archie comics. The show has strong women that won't take crap from anyone.They talk about and tackle social issues such as shaming women.

Should I even be giving reasons? Cole Sprouse is reason enough.


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