What To Do When You Run Into Your Ex

Remember those days when you two were together? And now they’re long gone. Don’t get too excited, we are not trying to put you through sappy memories that won’t come back. Maybe it was a good break-up, or a bad one… either way running into your ex is as terrifying as it gets. And you have this thought in your head, to just do what they usually play in the movies: a big scenario that involves you and your massive ego getting away with everything. But don’t feel bad, we do it too.

So, thinking about this, and instead of acting like a rational person and walk away, we decided to give you creative ideas on how to deal when you bump into your former flame, now Voldemort.

What to do if you bump into your ex in the gym:

What a perfect way to see that awful man, because you know, you couldn’t have seen him when you’re not in sweat pants, nah fam, you had to see him at your absolute worst. But there’s a way to bring this situation on your favor. It usually depends if you’re doing cardio or lifting weights. But I am sure you weren’t that unlucky to be doing the second one. Run that treadmill like there was no tomorrow. Go for it girl. Be your own version of T- Swizzle without falling.


What to do if you see them with their new beau:

Pray to God that the beau is a downgrade! Hair flip the hell out of that ponytail and walk with a ‘tude. If she's the one with a new beau, flex those muscles discretely and intimidate that man. You could also go all the way impolitely and say: “It was great to see you two times this week”, and watch the craziness unravel. The point is, to never lose your confidence and to not let them know that you are caving in inside, even though you ARE better!


What to do if your ex sees YOU with your new beau:


Revenge! Not really, but you know... You deserved better and now you have better. You can go all the way awkward and french kiss the hell out of them. You can get all possessive and grab their butt as you walk on by. Or be a normal person and take their hand and squish it right and tight for everyone to see. Bonus points if your ex cheated on you and your beau knows this, so he salutes with horns on his hands.


What to do if you take class with him/her:


I won't say that you should make their life miserable, but you could definitely turn on the charm with one of your classmates and see them rage with envy. Or, you could totally ignore their existence and be the super annoying student making all the questions, provoking them to drop out just to never hear your voice again.


What to do if you are in the same jangueo:


Sip that Medalla proudly. Or pour it all over him. At this point, anything goes. It is meant to happen! We actually know everyone and somehow you might actually see each other. So never forget to go out to look like your own sexy damn self, regardless if you know that you will see him or not. But if you do, don’t forget to say hi and watch him/her walk away (if you didn’t throw the Medalla), because you know, WE KNOW DRAMA.


At the mall:

Remember passing by your favorite store and not being able to go in and show your ex your favorite bra or boxer? And now you see them there all the time with this new person?! Apparently, your ex was totally whippable, they just didn't want to be seen with you in that store, your favorite store.


At the beach:

Throw a sandball at their sorry butt! Or you could also rock that bikini, oil your abs and play beach volleyball as hot as Walsh Jennings and Ross or Lucena and Dalhausser. You could also run by them in the opposite direction of the wind and let those little sand rocks do their thing. We hope they were not wearing any sunscreen… Burn!


Picking out a wedding ring:

This one’s for the girls! He couldn't commit to seeing you once a week to keep alive the spark of your long distance relationship, but he can go and buy a very cheap wedding ring for this new girl who showed up a few days ago. Girl, keep on looking at those rings, and if you can, comment under breath on whatever choice he is making. Hopefully, he'll ask for your help and you can either pick the ugliest thing ever or pick the most expensive one there is and leave him broke. The burn, man, the burn… to his pocket.


What to do if you see your ex at a funeral:

THIS COULD HAPPEN. Especially if you guys have friends in common. It’s even funnier when that scenario is also with him/her, his/her beau, you and your beau... talk about papelón. There are two scenarios with the same outcome. You could just introduce him to your new beau mid funeral and he will most likely walk away in 10 minutes without even saying goodbye. The second scenario is that you can just make eye contact and wink at him until his beau sees and leaves the place. Your self centered self will like this second option better.

In conclusion, you will probably run into your ex just about anywhere; it is a small world after all. Don't let that be a limitation for the things you want to do in life. “Los muertos no se reviven”, so who was this article about anyways? *wink wink*