Valentine's Day Cards to Make Everyone's Day

Valentine’s Day, whether you love it or hate it, some good stuff always comes out of it. Whether it is discounted chocolates at the stores, excuses to stay in and watch bad rom coms and eat popcorn and drink wine, everyone can make their own enjoyable version of Valentine’s Day.

In this day and age, we have Twitter. Wonderful Twitter. People go to the famous social media and create their own version of the Valentine’s Day cards that we used to hand out to every kid in our classrooms when we were young. Ah, the joy of giving the ugliest ones to those kids we didn’t like. Fun times. Glad to see that becoming an adult does not erase the joy of fun Valentine’s Day cards.

After scrolling through the Twitter-verse, I have compiled some of my personal favorites:


1. For the Dwight in your life:


2. Give this one to whoever has Big D*** Energy:


3. Even your Rosa has feelings:


4. There's a fine line between love and hate:


5. Science nerds deserve love too:


6. For the sweetheart who Neville-Longbottomed:


6. This one is sad but your Valentine will laugh:


7. For your crush who you want to smother with love:


8. For your everlasting love:


9. If anything, you have to be direct:


10. But don't turn into a jerk after you give this card:


11. Give this one to your crush and take them on a ride:


12. But don't stab them, OK?


13. For the Hamilton fan in your life (they might cry after seeing this one):


14. Your crush is an English Major? Yeah, go for it.


15. Trash? Golden trash.


16. This feels mildly treathening so maybe give it to your bestie:


17. Also this one:


18. This one is so cheesy:

(All the Hamilton ones made me laugh more than they should have)


19. Yeah, some of these are real cheesy:


20. And, finally, just a super cute one:


There we have it! All credit goes to the Twitter-verse for giving us some much-needed humor on Valentine's Day. Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day!



Pink bulbasaur card drawn by @dr0pletsofink.