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UPR Contributor: Mónica L. Hernández Santiago

This girl may seem quiet yet she is really a peculiar one. She may not say much but her mind is filled with ideas, strong opinions, and motivation to work. As the Campus Correspondent, Gabriela Taboas, said, “She’s very outspoken and a dedicated writer who isn’t afraid to speak aloud what she thinks.”Aspiring journalist, learning to code, and ready to take over the world, Mónica L. Hernández Santiago. 


Full Name: Mónica Lisete Hernández Santiago

Age: 19

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Status: Sophomore

Relationship status: Taken

Backstreet Boys vs NSYNC

Chocolate vs Vanilla

Coffee vs Tea vs Ew

Coca Cola vs Pepsi

Miley Cyrus vs Selena Gomez

Favorite Drink: Fanta Uva

Describe yourself in three words: Perfectionist, Persistent, Leader




HCUPR: Name your weirdest habit?

Mónica:All of them? (haha I don’t know!) People have told me that they think everything I do is weird.


HCUPR: What made you join Her Campus?

Mónica: I wanted to have the experience to publish content for the university’s English reading audience.


HCUPR: What is your passion?

Mónica: Life


HCUPR: What are your future goals?

Mónica: 1. To graduate from Journalism in May 2017

2. To study International Law

3. To get married and move to Australia


HCUPR: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?





HCUPR: Your perfect partner would be?

Mónica:My boyfriend


HCUPR: What would be the perfect date?

Mónica:As long as I’m with good company, I don’t mind where I am or what I do.

Veronica is currently a student in the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras Campus. She is double majoring in Accounting and Political Science. Veronica loves to read, cook, travel and learn about new cultures.
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