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galentine\'s day party
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The Ultimate Galentine’s Playlists

Valentine’s Day: the day where love is overwhelmingly overshadowed by couples and romance.

From movies to music, there seems to be no escape from the obsession with romantic love. However, Valentine’s Day is about all kinds of love! Family love, sibling love, pet love, self-love, heck, even plant love! 

But perhaps my favorite kind of love is friendship love. The special people you find that understand you in ways you don’t even understand yourself. They’re the family you choose and the people who help you through your toughest times. So, instead of listening to sappy love songs about trying to find “the one,” I decided to create the perfect playlist to show my gals some very fitting love. 

In the process of making this playlist, however, I quickly realized: there are too many moods during a girls night out, in a heart-pouring sleepover, and in the very holiday that is Valentine’s Day to put them all in what would be a very unpredictable playlist. Instead, I decided to create a collection of playlists for every specific moment of the always-hectic sleepover, filled with all the friendship love needed for an amazing Galentine’s night!

French girls, champagne, bubbles, and lacey lingerie

POV: You’re lounging around in the cutest lingerie and the robe you wear when you find out your husband has mysteriously been murdered. There’s pink sparkling champagne, rose scented candles, silk sheets, and the girls are taking pictures of you like you’re one of their French girls. This playlist is for when you’re feeling like a saucy flirt, you’ve perhaps had a glass too many of that wine, and feel like the star model at a Savage X Fenty show. It’s a soft, flirty vibe that has you wishing you had a pole in the middle of the living room. Anything from The Weeknd to SZA’s Crtl, “God is a woman” by Ariana Grande, “Lingerie” by Lizzo, “She” by Harry Styles and more. Stream here

F*ck being good—I’m a bad b*tch

This playlist is indisputable. The vibe is a cross between a makeover scene and the party entrance scene in a 90s rom-com, but this time there’s no man to impress. The confidence is booming and you’re serving everything: body, face, hair and attitude. The world is your runway and you are the main character. This playlist is for that moment you walk in slow motion donning a black dress and 8-inch heels. However and wherever you are, you’re absolutely killing it—nothing or no one can take that away from you. There’s “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion, Normani’s single “Motivation,” “Boss B*tch” by Doja Cat, “Sue Me” by Sabrina Carpenter and more. You can find the playlist here

Songs to dance to in front of the mirror

This playlist is full of those old songs you had stored so deep down in your memory you forgot they existed. But oh, they remain perfect. It’s made for the comfiest pajamas, face masks and using your hair brush as a microphone. All that’s left is a huge pillow fight full of feathers, and you’re a step closer to living the 2000s rom-com of your dreams. This one includes gems like “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, “Hurricane” by Bridget Mendler and “Best Song Ever” by One Direction. Listen to the playlist here

Oh would you look at that, it’s cry o’clock

No sleepover is complete without a good cry session. It usually occurs towards the later hours of the night, where nothing seems to hold you back. Whether it be you accidentally seeing a picture of your ex, a college-related, what-am-i-doing-with-my-life existential crisis or pent-up emotions you just don’t understand. There really is nothing better than to vent, feel, and let go with the people you love most as a shoulder to cry on. This moment is a judgement-free zone where you can curse the existence of men, society’s expectations, love, and everything that’s messed up about the world. Cry to ballads like “Heather” by Conan Gray, Olivia Rodrigo’s debut single “drivers license” and “i love you” by Billie Eilish. Here’s the link

Manifestation circle with the girlies

Pre-quarantine, the most memorable outings were with your best friends, where you’d get food and literally park anywhere to just talk about life. You look around and can’t help but think, these people have loved me for who I am and helped me become the best version of myself. What more could we ask for? The sole love of the playlist comes from the true self, the hotness of emotional growth, of self-love and of self-care. It also comes from appreciating the people around you, of enjoying life, being in the present moment and eliminating all things toxic. Songs like Carliane Tamara’s debut single “FRIENDS,” “just like magic” by Ariana Grande, and “I Am” by Yung Baby Tate feat. Flo Milli. You can find the playlist here

I have to give a very special thanks to my beautiful friends for helping me create these wonderful playlists. It’s important to remember that love comes in all kinds of ways. However you find yourself this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to show some love to yourself, your family, your pets, and to the friends who were there for you through thick and thin. So get up and dance till your feet hurt, sing at the top of your lungs, and spread some much appreciated love to the world!

Allison Milián Sánchez is an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Campus. She’s studying General Drama. When she isn't writing, she's either reading poetry, plays or screenplays or dying to get back on stage and acting. Allison Milián is here to change the world through art and its never ending beauties!
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