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Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
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Top Five ‘Love on Tour’ Outfits So Far

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Harry Styles is no doubt iconic. Just think about how literally everything he wears eventually becomes a fashion trend among fans and non-fans alike. Timeless looks like the J.W. Anderson patchwork cardigan is a classic when fans began to recreate it themselves and, like most things Harry does, became a trend on TikTok. After over a year, not only do fans have the chance to recreate and revamp his previous styles, but Harry is finally back on tour strutting every night in the most iconic looks yet (do not take a shot every time I say “iconic”). In collaboration with stylist Harry Lambert, these two have already co-created a signature look that’s known for being fun, exciting, and new. Even though Love On Tour concerts are still taking place at the time this article is published, here are five of the most stunning outfits Harry has served us with so far:

5. Madison Square Garden Night Two (Oct. 4)

Simple but effective, this neutral ensemble captivated the onlookers of Harry’s second night at the legendary MSG. Harry absolutely shined in these polka-dot pants, cream pirate shirt, and sparkly booties combo. Though simpler than previous outfits and devoid of his iconic suspenders, MSG night two was one for the books.

4. Nashville Night One (Sept. 29)

Nashville had their hands full with two back-to-back flawless outfits. There’s nothing that screams Harry Styles more than glitter and a suit. Nashville had both, and man was it good. This exposed glitter suit gave everyone a good show, complete with Styles’ tattoos on full display. I think we all collectively owe Harry Lambert a chorus of “Thank you’s”  for the no-shirt and suspenders combination. This outfit sparkled all the way to number four on this list.

3. Nashville Night Two (Oct. 1)

Nashville night one’s monogram silk vest set made me gasp, scream and swoon all at once. The texture of the whole ensemble makes Harry’s tattoos pop and his movements around the stage more powerful. The vest gives it such a trendy feel, but the champagne color matched with the silky texture creates a timeless silhouette. His iconic moth tattoo peeking out of the vest would’ve been enough for me to faint right then and there.

2. Las Vegas, NV (Sept. 4)

What a way to kick off Love on Tour! My expectations for the outfits this time around were sky high and seeing this outfit for the first time was quite an unforgettable experience. Harry does not disappoint in this monochrome sparkly pink combo for Las Vegas. If there was any time and any place to wear this set, it would be the tour’s first night in Vegas.

1. Madison Square Garden Night One (Oct. 3)

MSG’s first night audience members were in for a treat when Harry stepped out in a black suit with feathered sleeves and a clear view of his array of tattoos. Harry had his signature moth on full display while playing the entire tour’s repertoire of the first night at Madison Square Garden. The pictures in this ensemble are clearly timeless, as he looks so classy and elegant. By now, it’s pretty evident that he’s truly out of this world.

Love on Tour has been a treat to watch from the sidelines night after night since it first began in September. Harry Lambert has clearly carefully curated a signature look following Harry’s first tour outfits and his iconically memorable floral suits. This new era of Harry is shaping up to be one of the most ICONIC so far.

Luisa Colón is an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus. They are currently studying English Literature. Besides the usual long walks on the beach, she enjoys reading romance novels, updating their bookstagram, and starting (but never finishing) crochet projects. We know you'll love her, xoxo HC.
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