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Top Five Halloween Cartoon Costume Inspiration for Couples in 2021

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Spooky season is almost here! Do you want to celebrate it with your significant other, but have no idea what you guys should dress up as? Don’t worry! Here are the best Halloween cartoon costume ideas for couples in 2021. 

5. Ladybug and Chatnoir

Behold! Straight from the beautiful city of Paris, France, we have our favorite Miraculous superheroes: Ladybug and Chatnoir. Apart from having a complicated love story, these two are definitely an amazing duo that would rock at trick-or-treating. Whether it’s solving problems or escaping from them, this couple has a true ride-or-die friendship. 

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4. Chel and Tulio

Coming in fourth place, we have our gold-greedy Spaniard, Tulio, and his love interest, the beautiful Chel. Gen-Z has popularized this couple from The Road to El Dorado, since this cinematic masterpiece has been part of our childhood, allowing us to appreciate the beauty among different cultures. Maybe it is due to their story, their looks, or their will to get away with everythingーregardless of what it is, this cartoon couple will not go unseen this Halloween.

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3. Coraline and Wybie

From enemies to friends, to who knows what else, we have the Pink Palace partners in crime: Coraline and Wybie. These two characters from the spooky children’s movie Coraline could not be a better fit for the occasion. With or without eye buttons, these costumes resemble the horror story behind their friendship and can be easily recognized by other fellow trick-or-treaters.

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2.  Princess Bubblegum and Marceline

Second place is ruled by the opposites-attract couple: Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. This soft and gothic contrast adds flavor to those who wear costumes inspired by them. They just had to be in second place because they are a couple that allows us to appreciate the variations of femininity, style, and personality, while including the LGBTQ+ community in social festivities. These Adventure Time girls would definitely have different candy preferences, but will surely enjoy Halloween equally.

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1. Beast Boy and Raven

First place for best Halloween cartoon costume inspiration goes to: Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans! This couple is adored by the Teen Titans fandom and non-fans alike. Who wouldn’t love to have the perfect partner and a perfect relationship? As a bonus, the design of their outfits is something we don’t see every day, which makes it even more fun. After all, cosplaying as them for Halloween this year is a must!

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Hopefully, these costume ideas will brighten up your trick-or-treating spirit so you and your costume-partner can be the uniquely dressed couple of this Halloween season.

Kiara Roman is an undergraduate student at University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras campus. She's part of the Natural Sciences Faculty and majors in Biology. Besides doing science studies, she enjoys developing creative skills and putting them into practice by cooking, writing, or drawing. She's here to grow as a creative scientist and share her imagination with others.
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