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Top Character Performances in Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War came out, and the world practically stopped and ran toward the closest movie theater. Whether they were hardcore fans or just casual fans, everyone paid the price to have their heart ripped out. The music was on point, the CGI was just right, the mix of action, comedy, and emotion was perfect, and the acting was completely amazing. And like in every movie, there are some performances that stand out from the others. These are my top performances for Avengers: Infinity War.


Wanda Maximoff

Miss Maximoff proved to be the real badass hero we all knew she was. She was determined to do what she thought was right and no one was going to prevent her from saving the people she loved. She would do anything for the man she loves. Which, if we are being honest, makes everything that happened even more gut-wrenching. Elizabeth Olsen surprised the public with her perfect mix of power and emotion that had the world crying at her feet and begging for mercy.


Doctor Strange


With his ever smartass ways and his unrelenting magic powers, he showed the world how far he has really come. Not only has he improved in his practice of magic, but also, he has become extremely wise. We might not understand what he has planned, but we trust he knows what he is doing. Benedict Cumberbatch does a fantastic job in bringing this character to life and has mastered the mix of arrogance and wiseness down to perfection.



The fan favorite talking raccoon has once again proven that any Marvel movie is better with him in it. He is used to stealing the show and Infinity War is definitely not the exception. His comedic relief, amazing firepower, and unconditional love for Groot give way to the most iconic scenes in any movie he’s in. He mixes well with the other characters and, although filming him must be awkward for the other characters, the final product shows no uncomfortableness. Rocket, voiced by Bradley Cooper, has grown into a great hero and anyone who disagrees will have to answer to his guns.



Dear, dear Spidey, always so eager to be a great hero that makes fans want to hide him in a protected dome and never let him out of their sights. The innocence and determination Tom Holland brings to the character entice the public. He brings out the parental side of anyone who watches him perform and leaves the world begging for Stark to send him back home. Tom Holland gives the world an emotional side of Spider-Man that rips our hearts out and leaves us crying and asking, “why couldn’t he have stayed on the bus?”


Iron Man

MCU’s favorite billionaire hero steals our hearts and most of the show once again. The growth of Tony Stark is very noticeable in this movie. Tony is ready to make his life, but the world keeps needing him to save it, and he just can’t help himself. He has grown as a leader and working with people he dislikes has become like breathing to him. In Infinity War, his wittiness and arrogance are only challenged by the Star-Lord himself. He once again proves how much he cares about his teammates and how much pressure he puts on himself to make sure his team survives. For example, when he tries with all his might to keep Spidey safe on earth.  Robert Downey Jr. keeps giving us this great character and making him better and better. None of these movies would be the same without him.



The big bad villain of this movie is one we must bow down to because he has done such a good job. We can’t help but hate him, yet at the same time understand his quest. He is relentless and ruthless, and nothing will stop him in his quest to “save the world.” Which is exactly what makes him so interesting. He thinks he is the hero of the story and everything he does is out of mercy. He makes sense in what he wants, but he never stops to think of the moral problems of his plan or why so many people fight him back. Thanos has unstoppable power, and Josh Brolin brings that to his performance in the best way possible. Thanos doesn’t have to be likable, but we can’t deny his power and how much he has thought out this plan through the years by the way we have seen him lingering about in other Marvel films during cameos or post-credit scenes. Granted, it’s not the best of plans or the most morally correct, but he has thought about it for a while, which shows dedication. Not the dedication we might like, but dedication still.



The mighty Thor, so powerful, but with so much misery in his life, having gone through so much already. This doesn’t stop him from getting up again and again and fighting against all odds. He does it with a witty response and a mighty power that almost no one can match. He is undeniably the hero of this movie and the only one who was close to killing Thanos if he had better aim. While other characters could do some damage and fought with all their might, the one powerful enough to do the most damage, in this movie, was the god of thunder himself. Any scene he is in makes the movie even more amazing and epic. Chris Hemsworth has taken Thor down a risky path that has paid off in the best way possible. Thor fights through the pain, and he will not accept defeat.


Honorable Mentions

Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Okoye

These three characters, played by Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Danai Gurira respectively, had little screen time, but every scene they were in, they showed how strong and unwilling to give up they are. There is nothing they wouldn’t fight against, and if they couldn’t win, they would die trying. It’s impossible not to love these three characters, which is precisely why they get a mention.


Drax and Bruce Banner

Two of the strongest characters, played by Dave Bautista and Mark Ruffalo respectively, but also the most amazing comic relief. Drax, with his crazy antics and his readiness to fight everything to prove he is the stronger being there is has us laughing and hoping he is thoroughly protected. Bruce Banner, who is not used to being around the big fights, sure holds his own when asked to fight and he does it in a very comedic way. We hadn’t asked for more Bruce, but we sure as hell needed it.


Every performance in Avengers: Infinity War was great. Each one of the actors gave it their all in the making this movie and it definitely paid off. These were just the ones that stood out and surprised me the most. We want to see so much more of each and every one of these characters, and we are not sure if we can survive a whole year waiting to see them again. Hopefully, next time we can leave with our hearts intact although it’s very doubtful.


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