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Sitting down and unwinding to a  favorite Christmas movie is one of my most cherished experiences of the Holiday Season. There’s something so special about watching your favorite characters from your favorite TV show living the Christmas Spirit. I considered it therapeutic, just watching your characters go through their usual drama-filled antics with a little Christmas flair. So here are some of my (and your) favorite Christmas TV Show episodes:

10. The Office, “Christmas Party”

Fans and non-fans alike can recognize this show’s impeccable comedic timing.  This episode is filled with so many shenanigans, including one of Michael’s most hilarious tantrums. This first Christmas episode of the series set the tone for the rest of the series.

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courtesy of @nbc via GIPHY

9. New Girl, “The 23”

New Girl has one of the most hilarious ensembles in a TV series, so when they came together for the first time for the Holiday Season, obvious chaos ensued. This episode is full of awkward moments, an iconic office party, and Nick being Nick. 

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courtesy of @new-girl via GIPHY

8. Black Mirror, “White Christmas”

I bet you didn’t think that I would add a Black Mirror episode. The show does so many things right, including Christmas episodes. If you haven’t seen this episode, you can expect some twisty plot twists that’ll completely set a new standard for your traditional TV Christmas cheer.

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7. American Horror Story: Asylum, “Unholy Night”

Another anti-Christmas Christmas episode is too good not to end up on this list. AHS: Asylum has tons of religious undertones; so much so, that the fact that they could curate such a disturbing “Christmas” episode should come as no surprise. Although it’s not laden with as much Christmas cheer like the Black Mirror episode, this was definitely one of the first holiday-themed TV events I thought of.

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6. Orange Is the New Black, “Can’t Fix Crazy”

The last episode of season one of Orange Is the New Black has got to be one of the most iconic ways to end a season. Ever. It’s pretty evident that the Christmas Cheer is alive and well in this episode by just observing the inmate characters enjoying the few silver linings of the Holiday Season, right up until the very end. This episode is one for the books!

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courtesy of @netflixlat via GIPHY

5. Gossip Girl, “Roman Holiday”

Everything about a New York Christmas is so appealing, but when you add the extra spice of S & B going back and forth and coming together for the Holiday Season, it would even make Gossip Girl speechless. This episode of Gossip Girl is nothing short of Holly Jolly Chaos.

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4. Gilmore Girls, “Love and War and Snow”

One of the more comforting shows on this list (if you can look past how insufferable Rory and Lorelai are), the Gilmore Girls’ Christmas episode depicts the magical experience of the first snow of the year. Set in the small town of my dreams, this episode makes Stars Hallow shine in all its glory.

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courtesy of @gilmorebrasil via GIPHY

3. Schitt’s Creek, “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose”

The Rose’s first Christmas outside of their lavish lifestyle was absolutely HILARIOUS to watch. A surprise party for the most uptight (yet self-aware) member of the family makes this episode heartwarming, in a Rose Family way. 

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courtesy of @schittscreek via GIPHY

2. Bob’s Burgers, “Christmas in the Car”

It’s no surprise that this episode of Bob’s Burgers is so high up on my list, this episode has me laughing and reacting out loud to all the messiness that it manages to go through. The outrunning of a candy-cane truck in absolute terror is better than any serious Christmas episode ever aired.

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courtesy of @bobs-burgers via GIPHY

1. Glee, “A Very Glee Christmas”

This might look a little biased, and I won’t lie, it is. Not only is Glee one of my favorite shows ever, but How the Grinch Stole Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that this episode is (to ME) the greatest Christmas episode of all time. I won’t lie, if it was up to me, I would have put all of Glee’s Christmas episodes on this list!

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courtesy of @hulu via GIPHY

The Holiday Season is truly my time to binge-watch all of my favorite TV shows that I have neglected over the course of the semester. This year, make sure not to punish yourself for indulging in such a satisfying pastime!

Luisa Colón is an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus. They are currently studying English Literature. Besides the usual long walks on the beach, she enjoys reading romance novels, updating their bookstagram, and starting (but never finishing) crochet projects. We know you'll love her, xoxo HC.
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