Today's Advice: Why You Should Really Become A Bed Maker

You’re lazy. You’re busy. We get it, but you definitely need to stop being so sloppy. Lift your spirits by starting your day off with a clean bed (and a cup of coffee, of course). Stop blaming your lack of time and begin the rewarding journey of making your bed on a daily basis. If you truly want to start changing your habits one step at a time, begin by acknowledging how your life would change (as cliché as that sounds) by a simple, mechanical task. There are a few ways that your morning effort might improve your day-to-day routine.

After an exhausting day at school, you’ll enjoy getting home and being able to throw yourself on your well-done bed. It’ll lighten up your mood from head to toe. The fact that there is a visual center point that is tidy really takes the weight off your shoulders. We don’t realize how much clutter affects our emotional well-being and our headspace. So, having at least one area of your life tidy will definitely help you feel more centered.

Repetitive actions often come at a cost: they become usual routines, forming patterns that can often be dangerous—like excessive consumption of junk food—or extremely beneficial. Your habits will determine the outcomes in your life. As dramatic at it may sound, the habits of the bed makers pave the way for an incredible (and mess-free) quality of life.

Whenever you put an effort into enhancing your appearance, there is an almost instant result: your state of mind changes drastically into a more positive one. Similarly, after you make your bed, contemplating the beauty of a tidy bed will suddenly make you feel better than a day of binge-watching a Netflix series.

All the possible excuses would probably come from yourself and to yourself. However, freeing your mind from all the negativity that the excuses, made to avoid the process of making your bed, suppose, will contribute to more successful results. If you don't believe me, check out Lifehacker's take.

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