‘Tis the Season for Warm and Dark Makeup Looks!

To contour, to plump or red lips, to dark eyeliner and eyeshadows! The color-inspired makeup adds an edginess where there is a warmth and a coldness that make us fall (oh so punny) in love with this season even more! Also adding that this favorable weather feels just right for a confidence boost towards your makeup look during the day, eliminating the distress and the quick touch ups in between classes due to summers’ drenching heat that caused your dolled up look to appear like an ensemble of a melted finger-painting session on your face.  Other than benignant weather, this season brings out colors that commove and create all these stunning makeup looks!


Simple winged beauty

Either thick or thin, the winged eyeliner is the look, nowadays. Too simple a trend? No worries, because (thank you, fall) it does not have to be black! Give brown and maroon eyeliner a go!


Shimmery or Matte, today? Or.. both.

Shimmery or matte eyeshadow will highlight your eyes gorgeously, whether they are big and round or small and oval shaped. (And no, your eyes do not have to be brightly colored to stand out!) 

The probability of waking up 2 hours before you usually do to go to school just to do your eye makeup is from a scale of “I want it to look fab” to “I’d like to sleep though..."  But here are some simple looks that others might think that you really worked on it to achieve that look. 



My Matte Lips bring all the UPR men to the yard 

It is as striking as your eye makeup to wear a dark matte lip color as the finishing touch to your fall style. It adds a classy and chic look that is always complimented on and draws attention (who wouldn't like that?)


Now, go! Experiment with makeup!


Images from Amys Makeup Bx and An Knook