Talk of the Town: Spanish TV Series

You can ask anyone if they’ve watched Spanish series and you’re most likely to receive a “Yes! They’re amazing!” in response. You might hear “Money Heist” or “Cable Girls” between the answers a lot, and that’s because those are just some of the most popular series right now. However, a lot of us have already binge watched them months ago and are well on our way to becoming connoisseurs of Spanish TV.

Whether you like action and suspense, romance, or just drama, you’ll find a Spanish show that you’ll love. These are some of the most popular ones, in no particular order:


1. Money Heist

Money Heist, or La casa de papel, as you may know it, is about a mysterious man who goes by “The Professor” and is planning the biggest heist in history. His plan to enter the Royal Mint of Spain is carried out along with eight people with very peculiar abilities, who plan on printing their own money and not hurting any of the 67 hostages in the 11 days they will spend inside it.

It’s so incredibly popular because it simply keeps you at the edge of your seat. It’s impossible not to binge watch it because every episode ends with a cliffhanger. If you love suspense and action, this is the show for you.


2. Cable Girls

Las chicas del cable is a modern twist on the hardships working women faced in 1920s Madrid (and all over the world). It’s about four women who begin working in a telecommunications company and become best friends, each of them facing their own personal problems. It touches on important topics like domestic violence, feminism, polyamory, and many more. Besides being very eye-opening, it’s addictive, and the modern soundtrack adds a nice twist to an “old” tale. If you love drama, this is the show for you.


3. Velvet

Velvet is the classic love story of a poor girl and a wealthy boy who fall in love and fight for their relationship against all odds. Besides being a “feel-good” series, it’s amazing because of the wardrobe, hair and makeup. It’s every girl’s dream. If you love romantic comedies, this is the show for you.


4. Grand Hotel

El gran hotel is a more serious and dramatic show. It tells the story of a man who goes to the hotel where his sister works as a maid, only to find that she’s missing. The plot, which takes place in early 1900s Spain, thickens, as he believes that his sister’s disappearance is a coverup. You are guaranteed to travel back in time with this complicated story of love, lies, and mystery. If you love drama, this is the show for you.


These are all available on Netflix, among many other Spanish series and movies.


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