Taking A Look Back At The Top 5 2019 Met Gala Trends That Rocked the Pink Carpet

Known worldwide as one of the year’s most important events in fashion, the Metropolitan Gala never fails to deliver some serious looks and styles. As part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s fundraising initiative for the grand opening of the yearly Costume Institute’s exhibition, the “fashion’s biggest night out” is iconic for its guests’ exuberant and flamboyant costumes, most of which are specifically custom-tailored for this extravagant event. This year’s promising theme, Camp: Notes on Fashion, invited celebrities and designers alike to interpret the meaning of camp and to reflect upon it via stunning and carefully engineered outfits. But...what is camp? To put it simply, the concept of camp is based on Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay: Notes on Camp, which defines it as the love for artifice and exaggeration. In other words, anything that’s bold, over-the-top and straight-up EXTRA. Let’s take a look at this year’s top five Met Gala trends and celebrities that brought them to life.

  1. 1. The Challenging of Gender Stereotypes


    Billy Porter (The Blonds)


    Ezra Miller (Burberry)


    Michael Urie (Christian Siriano)

    As usual, celebrities at the Met Gala were willing to take their looks to the next level (and more so because, you know, camp). One of this year’s most iconic trends was, by far, the challenging of gender stereotypes through clothes. As expected, stars like Billy Porter and Ezra Miller dominated the scene with their out-of-this-world looks. Billy Porter made a stunning entrance as he paraded throughout the pink carpet in an Arc of the Covenant inspired outfit while being carried by an entourage of topless tanned men. Ezra’s freaky-yet-chic look included a pinstriped suit complete with a rhinestone corset torso piece. Styled by Instagram-famous special effects makeup artist Mimi Choi, Ezra shocked spectators with his realistic seven-eye femme appearance. American actor Michael Urie looked remarkable in a half-male pinstripe suit, half-female pink tulle dress Christian Siriano outfit.

  2. 2. Feathers


    Kendall and Kylie Jenner (Versace)


    Lizzo (Marc Jacobs)


    Naomi Campbell (Pier Paolo Piccioli for Valentino Haute Couture)

    Another extremely recurring style at the 2019 Pink Carpet was feathers. And by feathers I don’t mean a couple here and there: I’m talking about some serious and very opulent looking feather coats, dresses and muffs. Because camp is all about pushing boundaries, designers took it upon themselves to style their celebrity clients accordingly. Take Kendall and Kylie Jenner, for instance: both of which surprised audiences with their fitted and feathery Versace ensembles (insert a flashback to the White Chicks movie runway scene, anyone?). While Kylie channeled a more mermaids vibe with a lilac transparent fish scale mesh fabric and tight bodice, Kendall projected a more Brazilian carnaval showgirl style with an ample orange back/arm piece feather embellishment.

    Singer-songwriter Lizzo made a grand and very pink entrance with a voluptuous full-length Marc Jacobs feather coat with a matching slitted empire-waist gown. World-famous supermodel Naomi Campbell strutted down the pink carpet in matching lace tights and a floor-sweeping dress complete with a luscious feathery coat (let’s not forget she actually brought an assistant to fan her down during the whole procession!).

  3. 3. Tulle

    Hailee Steinfeld (Viktor & Rolf Couture)


    Lana Condor and Emma Roberts (Giambattista Valli)

    What better way to scream volume and lavishness than with tulle?: a sheer micro-perforated net typically used for wedding veils and ballet tutus. In fact, tulle works wonders at channeling princess vibes via styles such as full skirts and angelic-looking dresses. This year’s Met Gala was no exception for tulle’s versatility in the pink carpet. The biggest statement in tulle was Hailee Steinfeld's Viktor & Rolf’s Couture Spring 2019 ensemble. Making a sarcastic play on the impact of the Internet on celebrities’ lives (and a very campy move, by the way!), Hailee donned an intricate laser-cut tulle layered gown complete with the clever message “NO PHOTOS PLEASE”.

    Another star that stunned audiences with her voluminous and ethereal outfit was Netflix rom-com sensation, Lana Condor. Wearing a baby pink Giambattista Valli Couture dress with exceedingly large and hem-sized sleeves complete with a fluffy train, Lana caused a sensation as she strutted down the pink carpet, blowing kisses and looking absolutely angelic. Also, let’s not forget Lana’s fashion struggle: according to Teen Vogue, her dress was so big she apparently lost her purse in it (Thank goodness Riverdale star Charles Melton found it!). There’s also no way we can forget about Emma Roberts’ beautiful, rose-colored gown (also Giambattista Valli). Although similar to Lana’s in the upper portion of her outfits’ bust and shoulders, Emma made a statement in the many delicate layers of her frilly skirt. 

  4. 4. Pastels


    Florence Welch (Gucci)


    Madeleine Pesch (Jean Paul Gaultier)


    Lucy Boynton (Prada)

    Another widely recurring theme in this year’s Met Gala was the use of pastels and shimmering fabrics and appliques. This trends’ most notorious example was British singer and songwriter Florence Welch, who certainly amazed paparazzi and audiences alike with her Gucci medieval-inspired winged sequined cape (yes, the beaded birds’ applique wings actually worked wonders at making it look like they were hers!) and matching light turquoise lace dress. Fellow redhead Madeleine Pesch donned a carefully engineered and Tinkerbell inspired turquoise Jean Paul Gaultier Couture number. This pastel outfit had its own wings as shoulder pieces as well as a cinched waist and a very poofy skirt. The last pastel princess worth pointing out is the Bohemian Rhapsody star Lucy Boynton, who looked incredibly whimsical in a pink and aqua Prada gown complete with tulle, sequins and (you guessed it!) feathers. To top this look, Lucy wore a gorgeous and very magical looking pastel flower crown. Just in case this wasn’t campy enough, it seems, Lucy opted to dye her hair a matching aqua shade and wear silver teardrop bottom eyelashes.

  5. 5. Bauhaus


    Janelle Monáe (Christian Siriano)


    Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner and Jennifer Connelly (Louis Vuitton)

    It seems that the umbrella term that is camp also draws inspiration from important artistic movements. Such was the case in this year’s Met Gala Runway for Bauhaus, one of modern art’s most influential schools of art and architecture.  Let’s take a look at the most Kandinsky-esque couture creations for this year’s pink carpet. According to Vanity Fair, Janelle Monáe’s hella campy look is an homage of sorts to none other than one of her favorite artists, Pablo Picasso (courtesy of Christian Siriano). One of the night’s most surprising and outstanding outfits, this custom Siriano piece included a collection of black stacked hats as a headpiece, a motorized eye atop her left breast (it actually blinked!) and a very cubist-looking balloon shaped skirt. Another colorful look influenced by this movement was Jennifer Connelly’s Louis Vuitton look. Although simple and rather casual, this outfit channeled some serious Bauhaus vibes with its colors, angular shapes, and sequins. Last but most definitely not least, we have the trending newlywed celebrity couple: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, both of which wore Louis Vuitton for the pink carpet. Sophie’s look consisted of a two-piece embellished jumpsuit-like outfit complete with geometrically abstract figures. To match this bold statement number, husband Joe Jonas wore a slightly more subtle black turtleneck and pants, with some complementary and very colorful shapes.

All in all, this year’s Met Gala was truly iconic! It also made wonders for fashion history by highlighting the artistic concept of camp throughout each and every one of the celebrities’ looks. Needless to say, it was one of the most extravagant and flamboyant events of the Met Gala series. Yes, the couture outfits were certainly a huge part of it, but a lot of this edition’s importance lies in the inclusivity and diversity promoted by designers and celebrities alike. Gender norms were challenged, parodies were translated into outfits, and body positivity was finally covered by the media. Most importantly, the 2019 Met Gala brilliantly succeeded at proving the validity and versatility of creative license through clothing. To put it simply, high fashion does not need to adhere to any specific beauty standard whatsoever to be validated, meaning that every designer is his and her own creator and creatress by right.