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After taking ESPA4020, a class on micro-stories, I discovered my love for writing horror. Here are five of the stories I wrote. Read them if you dare: 

The Woman in White

“Be careful in the night, because the woman in white is waiting for you. The lights of your car won’t help you and no matter what road you take, there she will be. Her beauty will put a spell on you and you won’t say no to her. But don’t worry, the spell won’t last long. You will crash on a curved side and, like her, you will die.” 

“Be careful with the woman in white, that on special nights does not ask for permission. Your car will encroach and, when you look towards your rear-view mirror, you will find her there. She will attack you from behind and, without any defense, your life will end.”

But once more you ignored your mother’s warnings, you got in your car and never came back again. 

El fogón 

The first time you saw it was at your fourth birthday party during a hide and seek game. You were searching for your friend and what you found was a shadow black as coal. It said “hello”, and you ran to tell your mom. She just laughed at you. 

“That’s your grandmother. She came to wish you a happy birthday.”

At that moment, you believed her words. After all, it was standing in the fogón, the place where all the family gets together. 

You weren’t alone that day, but for some reason, you are the only one who remembers. The memory was engraved on your brain with fire, but in the others, there are only ashes. It followed you for years and, just when you were about to forget it, someone would see something in that same place. 

It took you years to understand that your mother lied to you, that it wasn’t your grandmother visiting that night. The shadow never left you. For the ominous silhouette, it was just a game of hide and seek, and that presence that you felt in the game room, the hall, the bathroom, and everywhere without a light, was most certainly not your imagination. 

When it showed up in your room once again to mock you, it was too late…the game was over and you had run out of places to hide, yet she found the perfect one. 

“Game over.” 

“Duérmete niño, duérmete ya…”

He moved restlessly in between the sheets, chasing the dream that never came. Minutes passed, then hours, yet he still couldn’t find it. He doesn’t know how much time passed before he felt its presence. Immediately, he closed his eyes thinking “If I fake sleep, maybe it will go away.” 

But it wouldn’t go away. Minutes and then hours flew by as he trembled. The fear paralized him; he couldn’t move at all. Suddenly, he felt the first bite. 

He screamed.

“…que viene el Cuco y te comerá”.

(Some songs are real) 

A Dead Man in Bed

He sat down again. I wouldn’t dare to move or open my eyes.

What happens if I see him this time? 

One more dismembered

This is what you became after crashing on the road PR-116 in Lajas, Puerto Rico. 

Cause of the crash: You saw a pair of legs walking around with the body.

You thought you were hallucinating.

You weren’t. 

I hope you like them! And if you are lucky, you’ll (hopefully) only get nightmares.

Alana is currently in her fifth year, studying Comparative Literature in the UPR Río Piedras Campus. She loves books, superheroes and mythology. Will sing any song that she knows (even if she can't sing to save her life) and is always tired. She dreams with someday writing a book.
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