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Spring Fashion Tendencies To Try for this 2023 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Don’t we just love spring? Something about the aesthetic of a blue sky, and a picnic over a soft, green meadow is just wonderful. This most awaited season is just around the corner, and with the change of weather, comes a change in wardrobe, as well. The temperature and climate are different, and we need to adapt to it, and what better way than to do it through fashion! There are an array of options to choose from, from the classic floral, pastel fabrics to metalic, and Kawaii-core. There is a sense of fashion just waiting for you during this spring.

Here are some of the fashion tendencies for this 2023 that you must try:

Maxi skirts

With the cool breeze and pleasant sun, it’s a great idea to go for a walk to the park or to have a picnic. And what could be better than wearing a maxi skirt? This piece will flow with the wind, make you look fresh, while still looking trendy. Combine it with a simple crop top, and some boots or sneakers, and you will be good to go!

Everything oversized

The pandemic and the lockdowns surely influenced a lot in fashion. Being comfy all the time is here to stay. The catwalks for this spring 2023 showed a tendency for oversized clothes, because what would be comfier than that? Big shirts, oversized jackets, and even trousers are in this season.


 You would think pastels and whites are it when it comes to this season, they are part of the classic color palette, but this spring 2023 tendency is all about the blues. You may find a variety of clothes in teal and navy during the season. Another shocking color that remained is red! You would think that this eye-catching color was only meant to be worn during the holidays, but no, red will be trending during spring. Almost every designer presenting a catwalk included an outfit in neon green, so rest assured that green will be very trendy during this season, as well. Apparently, spring will be the new Christmas, and we are here for it! 


When thinking about metallics, we quickly go back to the holidays’ glamour, but surprisingly, metallics are in for the spring season. You can wear them as skirts or trousers, and even in tops. Metallic fabrics are initially thought as uncomfortable and itchy, but the gartmens are being made with heavier fabrics such as leather, chenille, and sequins that are so worth trying. This is the option if you want to shine this season.

Wide leg jeans

Staying in the comfort zone is what matters for this 2023, and this includes your jeans. Wide leg jeans are back in style for this spring and probably for the rest of the year, because, let’s face it, they are comfy. They are great to combine with your favorite T-Shirts, sneakers, and/or boots.

3D florals

When thinking about spring our minds quickly go to florals, but for 2023 this idea has a twist: they literally pop off. Floral patterns might not trend this year, but the actual flowers are. You can wear flowers on your hair as clip ons, headbands, or crowns, you can also wear them on a belt, and they will even be in style on shoes. How cool is that! It’s time to embrace the fairy in you!

Big bags

Last year there was a trend to use everything tiny, even those bags where nothing fitted in them. This year, the big bags are taking over the catwalks. Now, we can finally fit all of our stuff inside the bag again. 

Crocheted cob-webs

We all think that crochet is only for the cold, but for this spring crochet stays. But only in the specific pattern of cobwebs. This is because the chains have more spaces in between which will allow more air to flow inside the clothing.

Knee-length skirts 

If maxi skirts are not your cup of tea, you also have the option of wearing knee-length skirts, because they are back in spring 2023. 

Everything sheer

This season it’s all about freedom, and the sheer clothing trend is the best way to state it. The fashion industry is calling it “Best Undressed” and this is exactly what they want to convey, to be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your body as it is. This also comes with showing off your bras, which is another trend for this spring.


Say goodbye to chunky shoes and get ready to get flat, because ballerinas are back for spring 2023! These shoes can be combined with anything and they are comfortable, which is a major plus.


If you are wondering what Kawaii-core is, it’s the aesthetic of wearing doll-like clothes. Which includes pastel colors, dresses with ruffles, ribbons, and mary jane shoes. This is the type of clothes that is most expected to trend during spring because of the florals and fabrics used. 

Which of the following spring fashion tendencies are you trying? Remember that you can be fashionable with what you already have in your closet. Who knows, maybe you can set a new trend yourself!

Astrid Carolina is a grad school student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. She has a Bachelors Degree in Modern Languages and is currently doing her Masters in Translation. When she's not stressing out over doing her thesis, you can probably find her playing videogames or being crafty. Astrid is out there encouraging people to be themselves without fear!