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After a 15-year journey, Supernatural is finally coming to an end. I have been in this fandom since I was seven years old, and it feels like a lifetime passed since my sister and I sat down to watch the first episode. I’m not gonna lie, it scared me so much that I didn’t sleep well for a week...and after a few episodes, I stopped watching it, but this series has something special that always brings you back. Two years later, a younger version of me sat down again to give it another shot, and this time, she couldn’t stop. 


Supernatural has been there through half of my life. Through the tough moments in life, like millions of other fans, I had Dean and Sam Winchester there to fight demons and ghosts for me. I have seen each episode at least three times, and any time I feel down, I put on my favorite ones. They always fill me with joy and whenever I rewatch them, it feels like coming back home. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. 




The final 7 episodes are coming this fall to The CW! #SPNFamilyForever

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The Supernatural fandom is one big, messy family. Thanks to the show, I have connected with a lot of people, including some that I knew and some that I didn’t. After all, “hunting is a family business.” It’s crazy how so many people can connect for their mutual love to a show within a fandom. For 15 long seasons, we bonded through pain, tears, monsters and funny lines. Through ships, like Destiel—that are canon in our hearts—new allies, and enemies. But most of all, we learned.


I think we can all agree that Supernatural has been a good teacher. It’s an old running joke that it taught us how to kill every monster, but it goes deeper than that. Sure, we know to salt our doors and use iron to get rid of ghosts, but we also know that we have to live out every moment as if it were the last one. We also know “that family doesn’t end with blood” and that you always have someone that has your back. It taught us to always get up and keep fighting. It reminded us that it is okay to go against the odds and choose your own destiny, just like the Winchesters have been doing for 15 years. That, even though everyday may feel like a Tuesday, it’s up to you to make it a Wednesday; and if we go down, we go fighting. 


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With the Winchester brothers, we learned many lessons and fought a lot of monsters. We stopped the apocalypse, met angels, killed Hitler, and raised Jack. But the road only goes that far, and every journey comes to an end. Only five episodes are left to end 15 magnificent years, and I know they will be as epic as all the ones before. Despite the series ending, its legacy will live on forever. But now, it’s time to say goodbye and be thankful for the Winchester brothers, Castiel and every other character that helped us grow; as well as for the writers, directors, producers and every crew member that made the show possible and gave it their all since the beginning. Farewell Supernatural, it’s time to carry on

Alana is currently in her fifth year, studying Comparative Literature in the UPR Río Piedras Campus. She loves books, superheroes and mythology. Will sing any song that she knows (even if she can't sing to save her life) and is always tired. She dreams with someday writing a book.
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