The Road to Bad Bunny's 3rd Concert

In 2018, Bad Bunny announced two shows at the Coliseum José Miguel Agrelot. Masses ran wild. Tickets sold out in mere minutes.  People fell into chaos. San Benito’s tickets were a must, everyone NEEDED tickets. So, when on February 19, 2019, Bad Bunny announced a third show, people went crazy. The sale would start on Saturday, February 23, 2019, at nine in the morning for students and at midday for the general public. The concert is taking place on the tenth of March, on his birthday. To commemorate the concert, and his birthday, I took the liberty of making a commentary on each song on the debut album X100PRE.


In this song, Bad Bunny takes the chance to point out the feeling of a break up in which you do not even know how to feel because you’re not that disappointed, you’re… kind of… relieved? He does point out that a break up can be upsetting, but he contrasts it with mentioning all the things she will miss now that they’re not together and that he will not beg anymore “Sin ti no me va bien, tampoco me va mal. Pase lo que pase no te voy a llamar; ya yo me quite, tu nunca me vas a amar”. In a way it’s a broken up blues kind of anthem. Strong lyrics in which he shrugs off the heartache, dismissing the relationship. Simply turning the other cheek.


2. 200 MPH ft. Diplo and Nitti Gritti

A quirky and very explicit song to contrast the lovesick blues that started up the album. Even though the lyrics are not profound, but, in fact, very explicitly sexual, they portray a fun vacation that Benito spoke about in an Instagram live where he rode a jet ski for the first time and it felt like it was going 200 miles an hour. The rhythm plays a lot between the regularly known trap and a bit of a fun, very unusual beat for this music genre. A fun song to listen to to get pumped up.


3. ¿Quien tu eres?

Honestly, “¿Quien tu eres?” is my favorite in the album. The song portrays the strength of criticism and how he’s [Bad Bunny] always being watched, criticized and envied for the way his fame has grown in such considerably short amount of time. Using the interrogative Quien tu eres? as a sassy way of dismissing undesired comments from unimportant people in Bad Bunny’s life, bragging about his accomplishments in the music industry.


4. Caro

In this album, Caro is the self-love anthem. Repeatedly, he establishes his expensive taste as a way to explain his high self-esteem. Once more, he directly addresses his critics, brushing off their comments with brags about his carelessness and questioning why they care and are constantly pointing out what they esteem as his flaws. “Por qué no puedo ser así? En que te hago daño a ti? Yo solamente soy feliz”. Furthermore, in the official music video, he embraces and shows off diversity by having an old woman, a woman with down syndrome, a drag queen, a man and a woman con the cat walk. Ending the video with kissing a look-alike as a symbol to promote self-love and appreciation. Also, the little surprise of Ricky Martin’s voice.


5. Tenemos Que Hablar

Explores the sensitivity of being in a relationship. Not that it’s the best trait, but the way jealousy can affect a relationship, and how nerve-wracking the “we need to talk” text can be. All along the song, he’s constantly dismissing the argument that is pending. Even so, it’s very relatable. I mean, who likes the “we need to talk” text?


6. Otra Noche en Miami

"Otra Noche en Miami" is another favorite. Its beat and style really breaks away from the rest of the album. It is no surprise that Bad Bunny has a ton of money, but the story he intends to narrate is that money can buy you anything, even love “me voy de viaje y a las dos horas me extrañan o, mejor dicho, el dinero que me acompaña”. Not the real kind, just the temporary interested one. Still, no matter how much he denies he misses his love, he can’t help but miss her around midnight “supuestamente, ya yo te olvide pero son las 11:34 y de ti me acorde”. And, no matter what, he cannot buy his true happiness, “pues mi Rolex no brilla igual que tu sonrisa”.


7. Ser Bichote

Points to the decaying Education System in Puerto Rico and how our elders have big expectations of this generation. Especially, they expect us to play by their rules, "mami queria que yo fuera un ingeniero, papi queria un pelotero, mi maestro de segundo me dijo que fuera bombero. Nah, yo voy a ser lo que yo quiero" when in reality, this generation characterizes for playing by our own rules.


8. Si Estuviesemos Juntos

This is an all-time favorite for many because of its strong romantic-ish lyrics. It’s that one song that kind of destroys you. And everyone can agree on this. It shows a vulnerability, especially, when Bad Bunny sings “a otra persona no he podido amar. y te juro que lo he trata’o, pero es que ninguna se te para al la’o”. That is the line that really destroys everyone. It's that turn the volume, let's get a sad song.


9. Solo de Mi

This song has an indescribable strength. “No me vuelvas a decir bebe; yo no soy tuyo ni de nadie, yo soy solo de mi” as a call out for attention to the most recent femicides and gender violence in the island of Puerto Rico. Gives a voice and shows this side to him that changes anyone’s perspective of who Bad Bunny is because it breaks away from the usual topic of sex and money, he doesn't want to portray this all the time, for example with this song.


10. Cuando Perriabas

The jam that has you dancing. Brings back the old style of reggaeton and everybody is living for it. Reminisces on the earlier 2000s when Benito was younger and so were all of his audience.


11. La Romana ft. El Alfa

This is the song you want to dance and jam to, definitely worth screaming the lyrics. Gives a little Dominican beat to it. 10/10 recommend.


12. Como Antes

A blast from the past. Takes every little detail that we would be excited by when we were younger and bundle it up into this song. It makes us all yearn for our younger, “easier” days.



Sheds a new light into depression, the kind in which you do not know how to explain your feelings. And a new light on who Benito Martinez is. It states a simpler way of explaining how depression can feel and how feeling lost is a common symptom. I recommend to pay close attention to the lyrics.


14. Estamos Bien

After Hurricane Maria back in 2017, this song brought a new air, it was pretty much the only song playing over and over and over again. It’s catchy and it aims to show us that things can and will get better. Those were hard times, but we are still fighting through.


15. MIA ft.Drake

MIA (as in mine) is a very commercialized song, it is definitely not the best one in the album. Even so, it was one of the songs that definitely opened up Bed Bunny’s reach because teaming up with such a well-known artist worldwide, puts him on another league. Also, it’s very catchy.

 This album is a must listen. Whether you are going to the concert or not, celebrate that the urban music genre is growing and revolutionizing one song at a time.



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