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Rating iHeartRadio Music Awards Outfits: Have Musicians Redeemed Their Fashion Choices?

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After the monstrosity that was the 2024 Grammys’ red carpet—excepting those few outfits that were surprisingly a 10/10—I was awaiting the next awards show to see if celebrities had gotten the memo and upped their game in the fashion department. It’s true that fashion is a form of expression and everyone has their own taste, but some of the Grammy looks were honestly worrisome and tacky. When I heard that Ludacris was hosting the iHeartRadio Music Awards this year, I felt that maybe this would be a nice redemption arc for singers and their stylists…but sadly, it wasn’t. 

Once again, I will be rating the outfits seen on the carpet by “What is it giving?,” “Would I wear it?,” and “Was it a serve?” Without further ado, here are some of my favorite picks of the worst—and the best—attires of that night. 

Ludacris (5/10)

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Photo Credit: Just Jared

Starting off with our host, we’ve got Ludacris. Not gonna lie, I didn’t exactly hate his outfit, but I didn’t quite like the color choices for it. I mean, baby blue leather and khaki colored pants… yeah, no. I would’ve honestly loved it if it was an all black sort of look with the white shirt underneath, but I guess that’s just my preference. 

What is it giving?: A regular man just trying to put an outfit together. 

Would I wear it?: Nope

Was it a serve?: Not really

katy perry (6/10)

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Photo Credit: Bustle

When I tell you, for a second I thought this was Megan Fox because to be honest, she was the only person I actually envisioned wearing this. To my surprise (but looking at her stage outfits, maybe not that surprised), it was Katy. I’m kinda here for it though. I mean, it IS very see-through, but if I was nearing 40 and had a body like that, I would want to show it off too. 

What is it giving?:  Kate Middleton in that one fashion show that made William want to put a ring on it… but make it coquette. 

Would I wear it?: To the beach? sure

Was it a serve? In a way, it was the whole menu.

sza (9/10)

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

In my eyes, Sza can do no wrong. Ever. So even though I would’ve wanted to see something a little bit more out there for her, this dress was just perfect. And the color? Girly had her skin color palette READ. The yellow with the warmth of her skin tone accentuates her striking beauty. She just embodied a tropical goddess. 

What is it giving? Island girl

Would I wear it? With that deep V-cut?… mayhaps. 

Was it a serve? Oh she ate and left absolutely nothing. 

meryl streep (5/10)

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Photo Credit: WWD

I respect this woman too much to drag her, but the dress kind of lacked a wow factor. Like, I get that she’s older and her outfits nowadays are a bit more laid back, but I don’t know, I feel like she could’ve tried a bit more. Also, she wore all white to the Grammy’s as well… which kind of took me out because I could’ve sworn I had seen this outfit before. 

What is it giving? Renowned author on her way to her book signing 

Would I wear it? It looks comfy, so yes. 

Was it a serve? Not really

Beyoncé (10/10)

Photo Credit: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Tens across the board! I just love how she paid homage to her hometown Houston AND her new album “Cowboy Carter” with this outfit. Apart from her outfit, her hair and makeup were also incredible; this look is definitely my favorite of the night. 

What is it giving? Cowgirl Sheriff 

Would I wear it?: It would be so fun

Was it a serve?: Definitely. 

ice spice (9/10)

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

This right here is what I call redemption. She’s giving us elegance and style. It’s a bit risqué with the top but it’s still tasteful. It’s one of those instances that prove that an all black look can never go wrong. I do think she could have accessorized a bit more, but regardless, I loved it. 

What is it giving?: What with the cross and the all black clothes… hot goth (without the makeup of course). 

Would I wear it?: Perhaps

Was it a serve?: Absolutely

avril lavigne (6/10)


Photo Credit: Yahoo

Avril Lavigne, the queen of punk rock and alternative songs we used to sing to when we were kids. I love the fact that she has respawned into the music world and she’s feeding her fans once again. This outfit, although it’s not my favorite, really does capture what she embodies for so many of us, so I give her points for that. I would have liked something a bit more dressy, but it was nice. 

What is it giving?: “Mom, can we stop by Hot Topic for a minute?”

Would I wear it?: Not my cup of tea

Was it a serve? It was cute

meghan trainor (3/10)

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Photo Credit: Getty images

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I think she’s an amazing artist, and has a wonderful voice, but what are those tights? They clash WAY too much with the rest of the outfit. I just think that if she would’ve picked white tights, it would’ve been so cute, but oh well. 

What is it giving? Barbie tried. 

Would I wear it? No

Was it a serve? Yeah… No.

jojo siwa (1/10)


Photo Credit: WWD

I just know that break up must have hurt, because wow. I get that she’s in her “bad girl” era and she’s trying to outgrow the image she was forced into, but this kind of reminds me of someone who swung on a wrecking ball in 2013. It might have seemed like a good idea now… but just wait 5 years down the line.  

What is it giving? Fifth member of Kiss.

Would I wear it? … 

Was it a serve? Nope

tate mcrae (7/10)

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Photo Credit: People

I’m not going to pretend that she didn’t look good, because we all know she did. BUT, I feel like there was a lot going on with the outfit. Like, I liked it, but it also kind of looked like those pajamas Victoria Secret sells, so I didn’t really know how to feel about that. Regardless, she looked amazing. 

What is it giving? Slumber Party sponsored by Victoria’s Secret

Would I wear it? To my bed 

Was it a serve? Ok, ok, it was.

I would say that we did have some really good outfits this time around, but like with any other carpet, there are bound to be fashion disasters, which at the end of the day, just gives fashion critics more content to write about. Sometimes that criticism is just what stylists need to switch up their approach. Nonetheless, fashion choices are meant to be respected and sometimes even understood. We’ll just have to wait around to see what celebrities have in store for future carpets.

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