Puerto Rico Comic Con Survival Guide

Puerto Rico Comic Con, the event all Geekricans look forward to every year is almost here! It will take place in Puerto Rico’s Convention Center during the 18th until the 20th of May with amazing guests like John Barrowman, Casey Cott, Gail Simone, Jim Starling and so much more! This is the event for all fandoms to enjoy, and if this is your first time attending, here are a few tips and tricks to survive Puerto Rico Comic Con!


1. Buy your tickets early

Especially if you’re going on a Saturday since it’s the most crowded day of the event. Saturday is known for being sold out often, so make sure to get your tickets on time. PRCC’s site offers a list of places where you can get tickets, but you can also get them in your nearest Ticket Pop, as well as online.


2. Download the Exhibit Hall Map

The convention center is really big, so it helps to have an idea of where the booths are. If you get lost, make sure to have a meetup point if you’re with a group of friends because the phone signal inside there is horrible! Honestly, it just makes the whole experience run smoother. You can download the map here.



3. Make a List of What You Want to Buy

Going to PRCC without having at least a basic idea of what you want will totally destroy your wallet. You don’t have to be specific, you could make the list based on your fandoms. For example, “Oh I want this Batman Volume,” or “I want a poster of a k-pop Band.” Just have an idea of what you want, and if you studied the map, you’ll even have an idea of where to find it!


4. Don’t Go Alone

Me and my friends at last year’s event.

Where’s the fun of PRCC if you go alone? Go with a group of friends and just have fun! Participate in the dance battles, play against each other in the video game booths, and cosplay together! One of the best experiences of PRCC is seeing the huge groups cosplaying together.


5. Go to the Artist Gallery

PinkStuff by Adriana Cruz’s booth at last year’s event. Visit her this year at booth #316!

You’ll be amazed at the beautiful work you can find in the Artist Gallery. If you want to support artists, especially Puerto Rican artists go to the Artist Gallery and check them out! Buy commissions and get exclusive merchandise that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.


6. Hunt the Free Merch

Some sponsor booths offer free merchandise! They give exclusive posters, free drinks, and even food. There will be a few that you’ll have to participate in a game in order to get something, but they’re fun, and the prizes are worth it.


7. Participate in the Activities

PRCC has a bunch of activities that attendees can participate in. The cosplay competition is one of the biggest events, so if you believe your cosplay has what it takes, sign in! There are also some tournaments for gamers of all types. As well, if you want to have a space to see your favorite artist, make sure to go to the Q&A’s. Just try to participate as much as you can.


8. Perks of Each Day

Since PRCC is a whole weekend, there are their pros and cons to each date. Fridays are for those who want to get limited merch, don’t like big crowds, and want a perfect balance of relaxing and having fun. Saturdays are for those who want to see the cosplaying events, attend conferences, meet artists, and feel comfortable in a crowded environment. Finally, Sundays are for those who want deals in merch, want to go with their family, have a last chance to meet an artist, and like a somewhat regular environment.


9. Respect Everyone!

Although respect is the norm in PRCC, there have been a few cases worth reporting in the past. Respect and support the cosplayers, always ask if you can take a picture, never be inappropriate, and ask before touching props. Don’t cut lines and never push around, a simple “excuse me” will suffice.


10. Have Fun!

Puerto Rico Comic Con is probably one of the most fun-filled events of the year. Plus, we all know that after Hurricane Maria and this insane trimester, if there’s something we need, it’s fun. PRCC is a safe space for all fans to have a good time and meet tons of new people. So more than anything, have fun!


This year will be my sixth time going to the convention, and trust me when I tell you that it’s one of the happiest days of the year for me. Support this amazing event and have fun with all the Geekricans. If you want to take a breather, make sure to visit this weekend!


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