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Pornography and Relationships

I spent one semester sifting through pornography and relationship studies, and found that most guys watch porn when in or out of a relationship. In an effort to find the motives, I discovered that some men simply look at porn because they think it’s natural, while others just do it because they don’t feel satisfied with their sex lives.

Now, my job here is to equip all you collegiettes with the knowledge you need to have to improve your relationships. So, let’s learn more about porn.

Based on the interviews and focus groups that I conducted, pornography was mainly used to get personal satisfaction, improve the sex life, learn and get sexually educated, and for picking up some new moves.

Let’s be honest: there are tons of reasons why men and women decide to watch porn. Whether it’s boredom, to get off or the lack of intimacy, porn is a great way to practice sex. Although women sometimes like watching the sexual material, porn is mainly intended for men. 

According to a study launched by scientists at the University of Montreal, there weren’t any men who had never watched pornography. Researchers found in their study that single men watched porn for an average of 40 minutes, three times a week, while those in relationships watched it 1.7 times a week for around 20 minutes.

Porn: Good or Bad?

One collegiette said that she watched porn for the first time by accident when she was 11 years old. These naked images became ingrained in her mind, and after that experience, she became intrigued about the human body. So, she started to watch porn from time to time to learn more about it.

On the flip side, a guy said to have watched porn to get off while watching a naked girl. “It’s better to imagine yourself having sex with another person, than actually having sex with another person.”

The real problem with watching porn is that some men develop false expectations about how women should look. Most of the porn stars have accentuated features and figures that regular women don’t have. This can be a headache for a woman, especially in a relationship, because she may feel inferior compared to that chick on the screen.

While some people find porn detrimental to their relationships, one couple on campus confessed watching the hard-core sexual content for spicing up their relationship.  “It works. We look for new videos, and get ideas. Then, we just imitate what we see on the films.”

So, should or shouldn’t you watch porn? That is the question. The important thing is not to get carried away watching porn because that can affect the real-life sex. Remember what the great Voltaire said: “use, not abuse.” 

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