Poetic Mondays: 09/14

Today's poem was a special request from one of our contributors, it was dedicated to her cousin who sadly passed away and now we post it in her honor. As for the title, 09/14 is actually the day she was born, a very special day for her and all that knew her. Please send her and her family your best wishes as you enjoy this poem.

From us at Her Campus UPR, may she rest in peace.


Some days are bigger than others

Today is a very sour sweet simphony that lingers in my head

So many memories

So many times I lived to see you fly


I can't express how I feel

Oh dear sister of mine!

Today is your day, and it's a very far away place you now reside.


I wish you were here

I wish you stayed

Now we only see you as we dream at night


Our love for you is there in the sky

We love you so much, we love you kind heart

Let there be light in those eyes as I hope this poem makes you smile


To my beautiful cousin we lost in the fight.

                    by Fabiola Dominguez