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Sail Your Soul

Cameron King


Go and obey the laws of your land which are unwritten but merely transmitted as subliminal waves of the media through which you absorb it’s angled perspective


For we are vibrational beings and the currents endured by our brothers and sisters are only amplified by blue soldiers and suppressed by those who do not emit screams from red and white terror


Silenced suppressed and starving of freedom that tastes so sweet you can’t believe it’s not butter


But when we scream black lives matter the hashtag becomes a ball and chain of exclusivity where one inserts their contrary to popular beliefs and deletes opposing opinions off of Facebook and Twitter feeds


Where political corrected-mess and borderline racism intertwines throughout the World Wide Web into a nest that rests on the necks and breaks the backs of the descendants that created this country


Where boxer braids and booties can be packaged and shipped off designer clothes and handbags can be ripped off even the classiest Dame with the highest IQ can be bought off


Be educated but don’t ignore your blackness

Be polite and don’t get too loud

Be silent while your people are bred to be killed

Be silent


Go and obey the laws of your land

I will not be silent because though I’m tryna let my soul set sail

My soul is not for sale

Veronica is a science nerd who enjoys puns and most maths, likes writing, and thinks Batman is extremely overrated.
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