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Poetic Monday: I’ve Never Been a Patient Soul

And they tell me to give it time,

That only it will be able to tell,

“Because it heals all wounds”,

But as the days fly by,

I can’t help but wonder.


Because lately,

I’ve been walking on glass shards

From a bottle I broke,

And though only time will be able to heal

All these wounds,

I can’t help but wonder,

How long I can hold on for.


For I’ve found myself lost at sea,

You see,

And I’m just waiting,

Waiting for the waves to drag me to safety,

These bones of mine,

Have turned my body into a ship,

But I can feel the water seeping through my ribs.


They tell me to wait,

Say I need to give it time,

But all I know is that I’m drowning,

My lungs are burning,

My body is sinking,


I might be losing my mind.


– Anonymous



Veronica is a science nerd who enjoys puns and most maths, likes writing, and thinks Batman is extremely overrated.
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