Plastic Straws Ban: Is It Really That Beneficial?


Currently, we are witnessing what seems to be the beginning of a big change in the environmental conservation movement. For many years, people have been encouraged to recycle, considering how the devastation that waste causes the planet will be extremely harmful to humans in the years to come. Still, recycling isn’t enough. Environmental activists and many others are encouraging governments to ban certain items, specifically plastic straws. Straws are starting to be viewed as something unnecessary because almost every person can drink without using a straw.

I am one that stopped using straws and was glad to hear of major companies that have decided to ban them such as Starbucks. Straws are harmful to both marine life and the planet; everyone noticing that is refreshing. When I went to Walt Disney World last summer I was so excited to notice that almost all of their restaurants no longer have plastic straws, but rather biodegradable ones. They also no longer use disposable plates and just use regular ceramic plates and metal cutlery. This is a small step that will eventually cause a big difference because. The "it's just one straw” mentality doesn't work because there are probably thousands of other people that are having the same thoughts.

However, as much as the plastic straw ban would help the environment, specifically our oceans, we also have to take into consideration that there are people that depend on straws in order to be able to consume liquids. According to an article by, banning plastic straws could become a burden to many people. While I do agree that straws are necessary for them, and I wouldn’t want them to be unable to enjoy their favorite drinks, there are certain steps that can be taken so that there is a perfect balance of environmental preservation and the people who need straws. Some people with disabilities can't drink without one, and yes, there are reusable straws out there, but we may be limiting accessibility. While I do agree with some of the points made by Imani about the straw ban and how there are more important issues out there other than the conservation of our ecosystem, environmentalism should be a global concern, but this doesn’t mean that other causes like poverty and racism should be diminished in any way.

There might not be a solution that will benefit everyone, but I do believe that once the ban goes into full effect there might be more environmentally friendly options that will be beneficial for everyone. Maybe this could mark the beginning of the invention of biodegradable plastic and there will be more options available for everyone who needs them.


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