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Places in San Juan with Wi-Fi

With less than 70% of power generation in the island, many students and professionals have to resort to public places in order to get their work done. It’s almost three (3) months without electricity for many (myself included) who have to find alternatives for being productive despite the current situations. Here is a list of places in San Juan that have Wi-Fi:


Mall of San Juan


Plaza las Americas


San Patricio Plaza





Locations like the one in front of Polytechnic University, Ave. Roosevelt, Plaza Las Américas, and even Montehiedra have free Wi-Fi.


University of Puerto Rico Molecular Sciences and Research Building

Open 24/7, the building offers free Wi-Fi to UPR students.


Faccio’s Pizza

All of the pizza places have free Wi-Fi. All of their locations are here.


Popular Center



Starbucks in Plaza las Américas, Ave. Roosevelt, Cupey and Viejo San Juan all have Wi-Fi.


Interamerican School of Law

The Library located in the Interamerican School of Law is open to students and guests. You can verify their full schedule here.


Burger King

It’s common knowledge that most fast food places like BK have free wifi, specifically, the one located in front of the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras does have internet access.


Liberty Wi-Fi tour

Liberty, the telecommunications company that provides internet and cable services in Puerto Rico has free Wi-Fi in its stores. The Liberty building in Hato Rey has been offering free Wi-Fi in front of the building. They have also announced their “Liberty tour” where they would go to different places to provide internet services. You can check out all of their hotspots here.


Foundation for Puerto Rico

Foundation for Puerto Rico also released places with Wi-Fi like Bahía Urbana and Calle Loíza. They released the full list here:

Lizbeth is an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto rico in Rio Piedras.
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