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Pets Week: Victor, Luna and Holiday

Welcome to our first Pet Week! Today, on our last day, we will be featuring three awesome pets: Victor, Luna and Holiday. Get ready to die of cuteness!


Name: Holiday

Owner’s Name: Agnes

Age: 6 – 8 months old

Story: On the morning of Christmas Eve, Agnes’ mom came rushing upstairs, and saying that there was a very skinny puppy under her car. She was very empathetic to it and wanted to help it. She then made plans to keep it. Agnes and her sister went downstairs to give her food and immediately fell in love with her. She had amazing green eyes that stole their hearts and as soon as she was approached, she was very playful and kind. They wanted to name her ‘Noche Buena’ but their grandma didn’t like the name so they settled for Holiday.

Favorite Snack: She doesn’t discriminate, she will eat anything

Things She Likes to Do: Holiday likes to run around the yard and take things like water bottles and play with them. She still believes she’s a small pup and climbs in Agnes’ lap, although she can barely fit.

Fun Fact: She hates car rides.


Name: Victor

Owner’s Name: Uli

Age: 3 years old

Story: She was a graduation gift to Uli by a friend because she knew she had always wanted a cat

Favorite Snack: He loves to eat anything but he really loves milk

Things He Likes to Do: He loves to knead when in bed and he loves cuddles.

Fun Fact: He’s a big cat and can intimidate, but he’s actually a coward and loves love.


Name: Luna

Owner’s Name: Uli

Age: 3 years old

Story: She was rescued by Uli’s parents when they found her living in the family’s hardware store. She had a brother, but he didn’t survive. She was sick and very hungry, that’s why they decided to take care of her.

Favorite Snack: She only likes her food.

Things She Likes to Do: She loves to wake her family up in the morning.

Fun Fact: She likes to be petted while she eats.


These pets are just adorable! Stay tuned for a few more <3

Paula Diaz Castro is a Psychology student in UPRRP and Secretary to HerCampus UPR Chapter looking to expand her horizons by publishing articles about beauty and mental health. She also minors in Woman and Gender Studies. On her free time, she enjoys working, helping animals in need, and spending time with her family and friends. She will be graduating UPRRP in 2020 to pursue a Master's, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate to reach her goal of becoming a Forensic Psychologist.
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