Pets Week: Polly and P.P.

Today, on day two of seven, we will be featuring Polly and P.P. Get ready to die of cuteness!


Name: Polly

Owner's Name: Cristina

Age: Around 1-year-old

Story: Cristina made friends with him when she moved to Rio Piedras

Favorite Snack: Ham

Things He Likes to Do: Roam around Rio Piedras. He meows for everything, from food to attention to ear scratches. He loves getting in between Cristinas legs and tries to constantly dart inside the house when no one's looking.

Fun Fact: He was snipped thanks to TNR. Cristina is not supposed to have pets inside the apartment but she can keep Polly because she feeds him outside.


Name: P.P.

Owner's Name: Ariana

Age: 5 years old

Story: He was one of the babies of Ariana’s other dog.

Favorite Snack: Sliced American Cheese

Things He Likes to Do: He is super energetic and playful but loves to chill too.

Fun Fact: He’s scared of baths, but not of iguanas.


Stay tuned for more adorable pets!