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Pets Week: Mr. Waffles Francisco and Cucú

Welcome to our first day of Pet Week! For the next seven days, we will be featuring different dogs and cats and telling you awesome facts about them. Today, we have two adorable dogs, Mr. Waffles Francisco and Cucú. Get ready to die of cuteness!


Name: Mr. Waffles Francisco

Owner’s Name: Paula

Age: 3 years old

Story: He was found abandoned with his brothers and sisters, completely dehydrated and suffering from malnutrition. A very nice lady rescued them and called her friends to see if anyone wanted them. Paula had always wanted a dog and when she saw Mr. Waffles she fell in love.

Favorite Snack: Peanut Butter!!!

Things He Likes to Do: Sleep, sleep, sleep. He also loves belly rubs and barking at the door even when no one is there.

Fun Fact: Although he barks at everything, he’s scared of everything. He hates water, brooms, hampers, trash bags… almost everything, really. He loves pillows, any pillow, no matter how small or big. Paula and her sister came up with the name Mr. Waffles and Paula’s mom named him Francisco for no reason.


Name: Cucú

Owner’s Name: Dianne

Age: 8 years old

Story: Cucú was found by Dianne’s older brother in the Rio Piedras campus with four other puppies. He tried to make an arrangement with their parents to keep him until they found someone else, but at the end, the dog stayed with them and became a part of the family.

Favorite Snack: Bones

Things He Likes to Do: He likes to play with his tennis ball, have naps and cuddle with Dianne

Fun Fact: He’s a mix of golden retriever and chow chow and he has a black tongue


These are today’s good boys. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pets!

Paula Diaz Castro is a Psychology student in UPRRP and Secretary to HerCampus UPR Chapter looking to expand her horizons by publishing articles about beauty and mental health. She also minors in Woman and Gender Studies. On her free time, she enjoys working, helping animals in need, and spending time with her family and friends. She will be graduating UPRRP in 2020 to pursue a Master's, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate to reach her goal of becoming a Forensic Psychologist.
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