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Welcome to our first Pet Week! Today, on day six of seven, we will be featuring Mascara Leonidas and Maya. Get ready to die of cuteness!


Name: Mascara Leonidas

Owner’s Name: Zoe

Age: 11 years old

Story: He was adopted by Zoe’s family, he’s a mixed-breed and is very loved by his family.

Favorite Snack: Bacon treats

Things He Likes to Do: He loves to go on escapades. Now that he’s older, he escapes the house more frequently to go on little adventures. They’re not so adventurous for his family when they’re trying to find him. He’s a very free-spirited soul, he loves to nap and eat.

Fun Fact: He was named Mascara because when he was a puppy the hair around his eyes looked like a superhero mask, throughout the years it faded, but the name didn’t.


Name: Maya

Owner’s Name: Zoe

Age: 3 years old

Story: Zoe convinced her grandmother to adopt her and Zoe named her. When she was adopted, Zoe was starting university and living with her grandmother, therefore Maya grew up with her throughout her first years of college.

Favorite Snack: Dog cookies and ham

Things She Likes to Do: She’s very energetic. She loves to play with everyone, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know when someone doesn’t have good intentions. She loves to play more than eating. She has the energy to run for hours and hours. She also loves to take trips on the car.

Fun Fact: She’s small, but that doesn’t mean she can’t jump. She’s a very high jumper. Zoe and her family always joke that they should take her to a dog show to show off her tricks.


Stay tuned tomorrow for more adorable pets!

Paula Diaz Castro is a Psychology student in UPRRP and Secretary to HerCampus UPR Chapter looking to expand her horizons by publishing articles about beauty and mental health. She also minors in Woman and Gender Studies. On her free time, she enjoys working, helping animals in need, and spending time with her family and friends. She will be graduating UPRRP in 2020 to pursue a Master's, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate to reach her goal of becoming a Forensic Psychologist.
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