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Organization Spotlight: Patita Amiga


Since we’re coming to the end to our Pets Week, I thought it would be a good idea to shine a spotlight on a UPRRP organization that focuses on helping animals around the island and on informing others on how to properly take care of them. I had the opportunity to interview President and Vice-President, David Ayuso Maduro and Angely Cruz Ramos, and was able to get a lot of information on how the organization works, how it came about, events, among other things. Here’s what I got:

How did Patita Amiga begin?

David: Patita Amiga was born as a need to do community service and have extracurricular activities. Angely and I wanted to work with the animal population inside and outside campus, but the organization that used to work with that wasn’t working anymore. Angely was motivated and wanted us to create an organization. At the beginning, I didn’t want to, I thought it was too much work, but she convinced me and the next day I went by the Students Organizations office for orientation. By the next week, we had already planned a recruitment meeting and by the third week, we had our first activity in Santuario Canita in Guayama.


What are some of the organization’s goals?

Angely and David: Patita Amiga’s vision and mission consists of serving as an official UPRRP student organization and helping by feeding animals inside and outside the campus through donations. Also, we educate about animal rights, as well as those laws that protect them. All of our goals for this semester (trimester) have been met thanks to the great work by our staff and members.


What events or realizations has the organization done?

Angely and David: This year, we have gone to Santuario Canita in Guayama, where we cleaned and donated food for the animals. Our second activity was in collaboration with Yes We Can-ine, which consisted in informing the public about animal cruelty and basic care of animals. We gathered monetary donations as well as animal food donations. We were accompanied by two dogs, Tony and Kiki, which brought joy to all of those that visited us at that Kmart in Vega Alta. Throughout this month (May), we are conducting an activity called Patita Amiga EDUCA. Every Friday, we will be visiting Head Starts in Corozal and Ciales to chat with little kids about animal cruelty, draw with them, and present them to one of our dogs, Coco.


Do you have any tips on animal care, whether they’re home pets or animals in the street?

Angely: It’s very important that your pet has a collar and a leash whenever you go on a walk. Cats must have their sandbox and a toy for entertainment. Also, it’s extremely important to feed your pet at least once a day and for it to have fresh water throughout the day. Give them baths and protect them from fleas. Remember to vaccinate them from their three months and to take them to the vet for annual checkups. Teeth also need to be brushed! Animals in the street also need love. If you can’t adopt it or have it at home, help it with food and water. If you see that it’s sad, sick or suffering, you can communicate with any organization dedicated to animal rescues, they will help you. And remember that sterilizing or castrating can help prevent different types of cancer.


How can one become a member of the organization?

To be a part of Patita Amiga, you just need to be available and have the interest to work with animals. You can check out our Facebook page (Patita Amiga UPRRP) and send us a message. We will reply with an affiliation paper and more information.


Do you have an ATH Movil number people could send donations to?

Our ATH Movil number for donations is (787)554-5560. Remember to write in the message area “Patita Amiga Donation”



Thanks to everyone for tuning in for our Pets Week! I hope you all enjoyed our adorable pet spotlights. Make sure to check out our other articles!

Paula Diaz Castro is a Psychology student in UPRRP and Secretary to HerCampus UPR Chapter looking to expand her horizons by publishing articles about beauty and mental health. She also minors in Woman and Gender Studies. On her free time, she enjoys working, helping animals in need, and spending time with her family and friends. She will be graduating UPRRP in 2020 to pursue a Master's, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate to reach her goal of becoming a Forensic Psychologist.
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