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As you know, the year is coming to an end, but before we start that countdown there’s some business left to handle. As a tradition, most of us girls tend to clean out our wardrobe before January when we buy cute new clothes for the New Year.

Yes, it can be fun and thrilling, but we are leaving behind an important part of the “New Year Cleaning” before the year is long gone: our inner self.

What are we going to do with all of the old hurting feelings, our haunting regrets, and worst all, the toxic people, friends, habits, etc., that we still hold onto so tightly?  That’s right, it’s time to let them go–along with all the worn and old clothes that are hiding in the darkest corner of your closet. It can be hard to let go. Especially when it’s been there with us for so long; we tend to even the most toxic of behaviors but that’s not healthy. Here’s advice on letting that stuff go, via clothes’ metaphors of course.


Hurting Feelings:

Hurting feelings, those feelings you get when everything seems to go in the wrong direction. You feel broken. It can be compared to the pair of converse you use to love and were to wherever, but they shrink, and now all they do is make you feel uncomfortable.

What do you do then?

You take action about it. Just pick up the old smelly converse and throw them as far as you can. Don’t even donate them. They’re too worn out for other people to use. Nobody deserves those feelings.*


Toxic relationships and habits:

Toxic people are the ones who keep making us feel unhappy when they are around. They keep saying that they’re your friends, but friends don’t consume or drain us. Friends are the ones who care about what’s going on in our head, and they’re always there to help us out when situations are harder than we thought. This toxic issue is like an old coat. It used to look cool but now it’s all torn up. Therefore, let’s get rid of that coat. It’s doing nothing but occupying precious space in our wardrobe. Don’t feel bad as you do it. It’s ok to be selfish when it comes to our health and wellness.

As for the bad habits, which seem to be difficult to abandon, the same measure should be taken. These are only present to hinder our plans and bother every day. They tend to be liked by us for a while but then we commit them unconsciously. You are the only one who can stop these slavish habits, you are the only one who can decide how much control they will have over you. You are strong, much stronger than this, it is in you to take power over this.


Haunting Regrets:

Oh, the haunting regrets. We all make mistakes once or twice. We end up regretting the actions that led to those mistakes every night before falling asleep. Or worse, we regret the chances we didn’t take. Regretting is okay, it’s supposed to help us learn and to not make the same choices in similar situations. The troublesome behavior is when we keep regretting our actions over and over again. That’s exhausting. Learn how to learn, instead of getting into a dark hole.

Yeah, it’s pretty much the same as the “New Year, new me.” thing, BUT IT AIN’T. This is bigger than that. It’s about being happier, letting go of all the preoccupations that we carry day to day. It’s about being healthier, and of course, it’s about growing as a human being. It’s okay if you don’t want to do the “clean up” right now, but think about it. Sooner or later you have to take the control. Why keep holding up when there’s so much waiting to be discovered? Cheer up, is time to take some action, and don’t forget (NEVER) how important is your happiness and you. (Of course).


*If you are having a hard time and think you need help with keeping these feelings in check, don’t be shy or embarrassed to speak up. Depression and anxiety are real medical conditions that need professional attention. You are not alone, talk to someone you trust about it.

Here are some numbers for some important national hotlines:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): 1-800-950-NAMI (6264)

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK

Suicide & Crisis Hotline: 1-800-999-9999

Paola is a young writer who enjoys sharing advice and helping others. She is currently finishing a BA in Statistics and likes to use her spare time to have fun with friends and family.
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