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Mercury was in Retrograde… Again! Here’s How it Affected Us

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Were you feeling tired and stressed between September and the start of October? Did you experience more anxiety during this time? Did you feel like the sky was falling and the world was upside down? If so you can place all your blame on planet Mercury.

Mercury went into retrograde yet again from September 9th to October 2nd, but what does this mean? In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules communication, logical thinking, and connections. This essentially means that,  from Earth’s point of view, Mercury looks like it’s going in reverse on its orbit, although it’s actually an optical illusion. To put it in perspective, imagine you’re riding a car at a fast speed. There’s a slower car riding beside you, but when you pass this car and look at its tires, they look like they’re going in reverse. This example is very helpful in describing the optical illusion of Mercury retrograde.

Why does it affect us?

Astrologers explain that planets definitely influence human energy, emotions, and even bodies. As Mercury goes retrograde, being the planet that rules communication, it might affect communication in many ways: relationships, technology, transportation, etc. Each sign might be affected by Mercury retrograde.

  • Aries, known for being fearless of expressing their emotions, might have needed to stop and think about their words before talking. They might have started feeling their projects and collabs weren’t running as fast as usual.
  • For Taurus, there might have been many changes of plans and miscommunications, especially in terms of work or projects, which might have caused them to feel uneasy, as they don’t like sudden changes.
  • Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, so whenever this planet goes retrograde, they might get very affected. But since this sign is usually witty, they always find a way to make things right. For this time, Gemini might start to feel a need of acquiring new knowledge or expanding their skills.
  • Cancer, the emotional sensitive sign, might have had a hard time during this retrograde. They might have gone through a lot of emotional tests in terms of relationships, be it their friendships or love lives.
  • Leo might have had some serious disagreements with friends or partners. Mercury retrograde might have affected their secure aura and they might have felt insecure and doubtful of their relationship in general. 
  • Virgos are usually very organized, and this Mercury retrograde might have affected them very deeply in this aspect. The sense of chaos that brings this event is not their favorite and they might have felt out of place. 
  • For Libra, this planet influences their communication with love and this time, Mercury retrograde might have come with lots of turns of events. For example, past people coming back to their life, connections with old friends, and even repetition of past experiences.
  • Scorpios are known for being tough and this might have been helpful during Mercury retrograde. There might have happened a lot of family problems which might have led to a new connection with their loved ones.
  • Sagittarius might have felt withdrawn from their wild nature. They might have forgotten about important plans due to this lethargy caused by retrograde. 
  • As for Capricorn, they might have had some struggles with money because the Mercury retrograde interrupted their master plans and organization. 

The effects of Mercury retrograde

Because every interaction we make requires communication, it can cause delays, conflicts, mix-ups, and even accidents. This doesn’t mean we’re destined to a period of misfortuneー it just means that things might run slower than they usually do. Considering we might have some setbacks, we may start feeling less energetic, more restless, unfocused, and anxious.

Things from your past might come back during this time; and yes, that can also mean your ex. Old problems might resurface and come back to haunt you, but this might mean that you can get that much-needed closure.

Anxiety and stress affect the body. There’s a reason why some doctors call it “the silent killer”. You might start having an upset stomach or even skin problems. Anxiety can make you eat uncontrollably or nothing at all, and both situations are dangerous for the stomach. Stress and anxiety may cause lack of sleep due to overthinking, and lack of sleep means dark circles. You might start seeing your skin go dull, turn gray, or even get dark spots!  

How to survive the slap of Mercury retrograde

According to astrologer Helen Frost, the key is to channel this energy for positive causes.

“The body will inevitably be holding all this volatile energy, which can be super creative, great for dance, sports, and creative inspiration.”

Sticking to your daily routine might be a good idea while Mercury is in retrograde. This can give you a safety net so that at least something will not change. Channel that chaotic energy you’re feeling into your favorite exercise or into creative projects. Do some yoga, meditate, write a journal entry; stay in touch with your inner self.

Eating healthy and practicing self-care is a great way to handle the turmoil of Mercury retrograde. Make a spa at home day, do your skincare routine, and relax. This might help you see everything more clearly.

Another recommendation is to never make major life decisions during this period. As mentioned, because Mercury retrograde might make you feel anxious and uncomfortable, this might lead you to feel explosive and take sudden decisions. If you have a misunderstanding at work, sit down and relax for a moment. Whatever you do, don’t give up or act impulsively. . Same goes for friendships and relationships. If your significant other and you are having problems, don’t break up as a quick fix. Remember Mercury’s influence in communications, and how it might be the reason behind these problems. Take a moment and breathe.

Mercury retrograde is the time of the four R’s: reclaim, redefine, reconsider, reconnect. This is a period of second chances, because as the communication planet suggests, everything stops, rewinds, and gives you another chance. Go in pace with Mercury, slow down and review your future plans. It’s time to retake started projects or old ideas and pursue them again. Maybe you have a painting that you left undone; this is the time to pick it up again and finish it. Or maybe you have an unorganized article. This is the moment to polish and publish it! Who knows,maybe it will lead you to your shining moment.

Mercury retrograde is a reminder that you can’t control everything and that you inevitably need to let go of certain situations or things in order for you to succeed. It is the moment to take a breather and reflect on your decision and your dreams to pursue them. So instead of succumbing into the dread that comes with Mercury retrograde, take that time to plan ahead and be grateful for everything you have accomplished so far. 

Astrid Carolina is a grad school student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. She has a Bachelors Degree in Modern Languages and is currently doing her Masters in Translation. When she's not stressing out over doing her thesis, you can probably find her playing videogames or being crafty. Astrid is out there encouraging people to be themselves without fear!