Meet Halloween Edition Cuties: MINIONS!

Cutie #1

Name: Isabel Cristina Luciano 

Age: 22 

Major: Marketing and Human Resources 

Accomplishments: Public Relations Director of SHRM and Human Resources Analyst at Nielsen Puerto Rico.

1. HCUPR: Why did you decide to combine marketing with human resources?

Isabel: Well, I used to work in a store and back then I was the head of sales and management. There I became drawn to learn more about marketing and then later on I became more interested in learning what was human resources all about. Since I had to go through hiring process when selecting new candidates for a position, I realized that human resources was a field that I wanted to get into. 

2. HCUPR: What are your plans for your future?

Isabel: I graduate in May and after that I plan to stay working for five years to get more experience and later on do a master's degree in industrial psychology. When another opportunity presents itself then I will be able to know what will my next move be.

3. HCUPR: What's your favorite color?

Isabel: Orange

4. HCUPR: Describe yourself in three words.

Isabel: Creative, collaborative and a self-starter.

5. HCUPR: How would you describe your friends in one word?

Isabel: They are both really caring.

Cutie #2

Name: Jenifer Espinal

Age: 21

Major: Finance and Management

Accomplishments: Be a University of Puerto Rico student

Jenifer, Mónica and Isabel won third place at the Her Campus UPR Halloween Costume Contest last Thursday @ HallowScream Pink Carpet Event

1. Tell me something that people wouldn't know by just looking at you.

Jenifer: I was born in the Dominican Republic and I'm a cosmetologist ([email protected] for info).

2. HCUPR: What do you like most about your friends?

Jenifer: That we make the perfect combination because we complement each other really well.

3. HCUPR: What's your favorite color?

Jenifer: Purple

4. HCUPR: Single or in a relationship?

Jenifer: Single!

5. HCUPR: What's the quality that you value most in a guy?

Jenifer: His personality...

Cutie #3

Name: Mónica Gutiérrez

Age: 23

Accomplishments: Graduate this December!

1. HCUPR: Tell me something you despise about your personality.

Mónica: I don't like confrontation. 

2. HCUPR: Tell me something you do like about your personality.

Mónica: I am very spontaneous and open-minded.  

3. HCUPR: Single or in a relationship?

Mónica: I have a boyfriend. He's overseas...

4. HCUPR: What's your favorite nail polish brand? 

Mónica: Essie.

5. HCUPR: Tell me something people wouldn't know about you.

Mónica: I was born in New Jersey, and I have lived in Chicago, Madrid, Roma, San Juan, Miami, Buenos Aires, Mexico D.F., Washington, D.C. and my next stop is New York City!

* HCUPR: Making of Minions Costume?

Isabel, Jenifer and Mónica: The costume had everything from everywhere. We went to Teatrocentro, Capri, Party City, Forever 21, La Gran Vía and  It was a yellow cami, tights, suspenders, blue tutu, beenie, lupa eyes and makeup. It took 24 hours to pull the whole costume off! Quite the challenge...but we were surprised that we won! 

*Photo Courtesy:

Diego Chamorro