Maripily vs. Molusco: It's Time to End the Bullying

During the past semester, Jorge “ El Molusco” Pabón, a popular radio broadcaster and personality in Puerto Rico, has received an incredible amount of backlash for posting a picture on his Instagram of the Puerto Rican model and businesswoman Maripily Rivera. In this image, she is exercising, and Molusco comments that Maripily "muzzled" her friend, meaning: her vagina. This is the fourth time in a week he comments on her genitalia. For years, Molusco has commented and made fun of local current events and celebrities, but this has been the last straw for many. Finally, Maripily has said enough is enough and that it's time for him to stop bullying and making fun of female celebrities’ bodies with his denigrating and insulting comments.

Maripily posted a video on her social media in which she demands respect and asks the announcer to end his attacks against her and against women in general. She also warns “Molusco” that if he refuses to stop his bullying against her and other Puerto Rican entertainers, she will create a campaign to boycott him.  

"If at home you weren’t taught how to respect women, I will teach you," said the model. "We are going to join forces and we are going to make a protest at the radio station and to your sponsors ... We are not afraid of you," she added after asking him to stop the abuse.

In the past, he has insulted many other artists like Roselyn Sanchez, by making fun of her breasts right after her pregnancy. Likewise, he made fun of the ex-Miss Puerto Rico’s, Bodine Koehler, belly during her pregnancy which is such a vulnerable moment in a woman’s life. He has done similar hurtful comments about many others like Zuleyka Rivera, Natalia Rivera, Mimi Pabón and Margarita Bernardo.

Many other women in the artistic industry have shown support for the model. Some of them are Zuleyka Rivera, Indy Flow, Natalia Rivera, Mimi Pabon, Juanma López, Bodine Koehler and Glerysbeth Pagán.

I believe it’s time to stop basing our comedy on making fun of others, especially when the supposed comedy targets other people in a demeaning, and even violent way. It’s not only lazy and disrespectful, but it can easily turn into misogyny and chauvinism when you are constantly criticizing how woman look and act. We should stop ignoring these kinds of actions and messages because “they’re just joking.” These ideas are being distributed in our media and have real repercussions in our lives. This is what these women are trying to highlight, and I believe it’s time to listen to them.


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