Long Distance Relationships Are an Honest Struggle

As an adult, I have noticed that love is not an easy thing for some people to experience. I dare to say that I’m a part of that group. Honestly, being single has never been discomforting for me (it means more freedom, right?) but I also don't deny the fact that, at times, I have wanted to be in a relationship. Well, sometimes life surprises us.

I‘m currently in an unexpected romance within this life of suspense and greatness. Thanks to a challenge I received to open a profile on a dating app, I met someone who makes me feel good about myself, and is always present in both good and bad times. Since we met, I have felt a connection that I never experienced with anyone else before. To say the least, I felt like I had known him all my life, but for some strange reason, fate never placed us together until then. The feeling of falling in love and receiving the same affection back is fulfilling.

Once involved in getting to know each other, we have been talking non-stop. Despite the pandemic that lives invisibly in our surroundings, we take advantage of all the moments we can be together and have a good time. Honestly, they have become memories that I will never forget. When the moment of farewell comes, I dislike the fact that each has to go back to our respective homes. Now, parting became what I feared most.

Sadly, everything isn’t always in the here and now.

What I thought was never going to happen to me, happened: a long-distance relationship! For personal reasons, my significant other had to leave Puerto Rico for the United States. Having the conversation about whether we were willing to continue together or not broke my soul. I didn’t know what was going to happen to us. Could this long-distance relationship work? What things do you do in a relationship like this? Will this be the end? How long do I have to wait to see each other again? Those were several of the questions that circled my head when we reached an agreement before the day he left the Island.

Needless to say, a long-distance relationship isn’t impossible, but it’s not easy either. It takes time, dedication, trust and, above all, communication. It’s really exhausting to maintain a stable long-distance relationship. Days and nights go short in the blink of an eye.

My greatest fear in this new experience was that distance would become the problem in our relationship. But the reality is, and it’s something we have both learned, that distance only becomes the problem if you and your partner allow it to. As long as there is good communication between both parties, everything will be fine even if the time difference turns into an enemy. 

Instead of taking the time to analyze the struggles we face, we search for new ways to continue nurturing our bond. We look for online games, have Netflix parties, share photos of our surroundings, and even what we are having for breakfast or dinner. That way, we don't let distance interfere.

I won’t deny that the lack of physical presence hurts me, but it’s part of the process and, obviously, of a long-distance relationship. As much as I dislike being in this situation with the person I love, I can’t deny that this process has strengthened me for future relationships, if they are to occur. It has made me aware of my feelings and how to explicitly communicate them. 

In the same way, this experience has become a lesson to understand and listen to what other people have to say or feel. My weaknesses are transforming into positive displays of emotions. It has taught me to be understanding and to remain accountable within a particular situation.

I’m truly happy. I never thought it would be this way when meeting my partner. Many might see it as something desperate, but the distance is a test for both of us as a team. Believe me that if the test is passed, the relationship will become an example that nothing in this life is impossible.