Logic & Why You Should Care

Chills — that’s what you feel when you listen to Logic’s Everybody, an album that testifies to the beauty and madness of life’s moments. From the moment of death, then to the waiting room, until you’re in the next step that God (as they have named the narrator) has set for you, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, better known as Logic, takes you through it all. If you’re like me and just started noticing this musician, take a seat. It’ll just take a moment.

During the 2017 VMAs, hosted by Katy Perry, Logic performed his current single “1-800-273-8255” alongside Khalid and Alessia Cara. There are no words to describe that performance while still doing it justice because it was an emotional experience. Suicide attempt survivors joined the performers on a night that kept repeating the message that you are not alone and that people are tired of the injustices happening on a day-to-day basis. These injustices include ones committed against people with disabilities and people that are being thrown out of their homes. Simply put: injustices committed against people who are different. The song has been climbing the charts for weeks, even months now, but it wasn’t until the VMAs performance that people really started to listen.

Logic then proceeded to address what his message is, and it’s in every lyric, every note, and every silent pause of this album. Injustice over and over again, mental illness stigma, racism, discrimination, and all the issues that have been highlighted recently in the news or even on your social media platforms are some of the things he stands against.

“I just want to take a moment right now, and thank you all so much for giving me a platform to talk about something that mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about. Mental health, anxiety, suicide, depression, and so much more that I talk about on this album.”


If you haven’t heard “Anziety” by Logic, please do so at this moment! Out of all the songs on this album, this one takes the cake. All of them have a powerful message, but the way he addressed mental illness, and the acting out of an anxiety attack through music is incomparable.

Logic is more than just a musician. He is a director that creates storylines with his songs, storylines that you can follow with your imagination. God is your guide in Everybody, and he takes you by the hand to show you that life is precious.

This album is the “diamond in the rough”, as they say. Once in awhile, art shows up to comfort you and let you know that you truly are not alone. Life is precious. Every life is important no matter your race, sexual orientation, the color of your skin, or even the mental illnesses that follow you around.

The reason why you should care is that issues like this should be addressed more often. Mental illness should have less stigma. Logic is the first step which shows that maybe there's progress in our society. Maybe, just maybe, despite all the negativity flooding our phone screens, there are sparks of light shining through the cracks to let you know that it’ll get better because somebody understands what you’re going through.

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